Early Retirement Potential Investment Opportunities in Uniglo (GLO), Basic Attention (BAT), and THORChain (RUNE)

Early Retirement Potential Investment Opportunities in Uniglo GLO Basic Attention BAT and THORChain RUNE




The idea of early retirement has changed over time. It no longer pertains to quitting your job and stepping away from the workforce. Today, it means gaining complete control of your time and finances.

In the modern understanding of early retirement, you would have enough time and resources to travel, relocate to a different part of the world, perform a fulfilling part-time job, or even jumpstart a business venture.

Two crucial aspects of planning for this kind of early retirement are actively managing your investment portfolio and knowing where you have opportunities for income generation. And we think three cryptocurrencies–Uniglo (GLO), Basic Attention (BAT), and THORChain (RUNE)–have strong potential to generate wealth and serve as a good source of funds for your early retirement goal.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is an upcoming community-based social currency that can counter volatility. Cryptocurrencies are issued in a controlled manner to help mitigate the risk of hyperinflation. But newcomer Uniglo takes the crypto model a step further. It offers a token (GLO) underpinned by a stable asset class so that the platform is not beholden to unpredictable macro market conditions. This stability will enable the GLO token to maintain a more reliable market price.

Uniglo also operates two burning models. The first model pertains to the standard burning model in which a percentage of the token bought or sold in the market is burned. The second model is called the Ultra Burn Mechanism, which uses the profits generated by the platform to buy back tokens in the market and burn them.




Basic Attention (BAT)

Basic Attention is a novel application of blockchain technology. It aims to translate user attention on the Internet into quantifiable value. It uses the Brave web browser to track the time and resources spent by media consumers. Basic Attention has a solid business model that distributes the income from ads between advertisers, publishers, and readers of online content.

With a strong position in the industry, holders of Basic Attention’s token, BAT, are profiting despite the current bearish market. Out of 430,000 investors, more than half reported a profit, which is a much better rate than the rest of the crypto market.


THORChain is a decentralized liquidity protocol for permissionless asset swapping. The platform promotes cross-chain liquidity, which means it is interoperable and enables connections with big chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum without the need for wrapped tokens. Users who add their assets to a liquidity pool then receive the network’s token, RUNE, as a reward. Token holders with assets can also earn profits from fees paid by liquidity pool users.

THORChain could stand the test of time because it is over-collateralized and economically secure, with the largest stakeholders having network control. The platform is also built to scale, as it involves anonymous nodes without the need for delegation.

The bottom line
The three cryptocurrencies listed above could offer price gains, rewards, and bonuses. In the case of Uniglo, there is an added opportunity for a fractionalized holding of diverse assets. Investing in them today could generate wealth for your investment portfolio and early retirement needs.

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