Extreme Deflationary Token Model Could Send Uniglo (GLO) On A Price Run To Rival The ‘Solana (SOL) And Fantom (FTM) Moments’ Of 2021

Extreme Deflationary Token Model Could Send Uniglo GLO On A Price Run To Rival The Solana SOL And Fantom FTM Moments Of 2021




If you remember the massive price gains Fantom and Solana had back in 2021, you’ll know how big these were for the crypto space. They made investors rich and put a lot of faith into the wider altcoin community. While prices have dropped back somewhat for both SOL and FTM, this is understandable considering the global economic conditions in play right now. Not just in crypto but in mainstream financial worlds, too. Gains are harder to come by right now—but there’s still plenty of optimism about the long term.

And while some coins have dropped back in the current bear market, confidence isn’t lost in the crypto space. Especially in some new projects that have onlookers talking. There’s still a ton of upside in crypto, and picking up the right coins right now could set your portfolio up for massive future gains. One of the projects that people are talking about is GLO, the crypto space’s first truly deflationary community-driven token. Let’s have a look at why this could be the best possible addition to your portfolio:

Uniglo (GLO)

The team who created GLO has built the most extreme deflationary option in the financial world. Not just in the crypto world, but one that surpasses fiat, too. Your money has been getting less and less valuable for a long time. Dollars can be printed on demand via quantitative easing to help boost coffers. But this hurts the value of existing money and causes deflation. It’s a major issue, as you might have noticed by growing grocery prices.

GLO helps address this issue with its comprehensive deflationary model. GLO isn’t at the whim of other tokens like BTC, as it’s diversified into a range of assets to help provide a store of value. These assets include gold, art, and other digital projects. This provides a true standard for GLO’s price, rather than fiat, which lost its gold standard many decades ago. With a fully-backed 1:1 asset store, GLO has created the most stable deflationary coin. And the platform’s dual-burn mechanism continues to drive scarcity by ensuring the token supply becomes more and more valuable over time.

These anti-deflationary measures, alongside GLO’s community-driven approach, make it key in the future of a currency you can have faith in and use. That’s why we strongly recommend it for your portfolio.




Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is growing as an important blockchain ecosystem that is already home to several interesting projects. While it may have stalled somewhat since massive price gains back in 2021, it has a future in the space and offers users strong passive earning staking opportunities. It’s still recommended as a buy, and current prices could be viewed as heavily discounted.

Solana (SOL)

Solana has helped create one of the fastest and most secure crypto ecosystems and has a strong future in the game. While its prices have also dipped, it’s arguably available at a discount.1

GLO has the potential to go on to massive gains, just like SOL and FTM did. And it’s still available during pre-sale, so you have the perfect opportunity to purchase GLO before it goes on to make major moves in the industry.

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