Global Music IP NFT Platform, MetaBeat, Signs Strategic Alliance with Leading K-POP Entertainment Companies

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Place/Date: – July 13th, 2022 at 11:00 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: MetaBeat

Photo: MetaBeat
  • MOU for joint project of music intellectual property rights NFT with 6 music production and entertainment companies including RBW
  • Starting with music IP, it expands to all entertainment areas such as portrait rights, broadcasting, and performances
  • New F2E Milestones with Web 3.0 Era Services
  • K-POP’s Global Leading Platform

Global music IP NFT platform, MetaBeat, announced that it has signed strategic partnerships with RBW, WM Entertainment, DSP Media, TR Entertainment, Beats Entertainment, and Studio Jamm.


Through this strategic partnership with Korea’s leading entertainment companies, MetaBeat plans to promote and market global fandom based on K-POP music IP. In August, it will launch NFTs based on the music IP of leading artists, such as MAMAMOO and ONEUS, as a global platform.

On the MetaBeat platform, the fandom that has led pop culture will have the opportunity to maximize the value of the artists’ creations through distribution of neighboring rights in the form of NFTs. They can participate in MetaBeat’s Drops, Mingle, and Shout-Out services that connect artists and fandom, and utilize MetaBeat’s independent F2E (FAN-TO-EARN) system beyond simple distribution of music IP through various forms of compensation. Unlike similar services that were limited to the distribution of music IPs only, MetaBeat users will have access to own various types of intangible assets, and realize the vision to build  even stronger fandom in the relationship between artists and fans through various forms of collaborations with the entertainment companies.

RBW, possesses music IP from various artists who have led K-Pop, such as Mamamoo, Secret, B.A.P, K.Will, 4Men, and Wheesung. This roster has been expanded for access to the IP of more than 2,500 songs with the addition of WM Entertainment last year, and DP Media earlier this year.

A MetaBeat spokesperson said:

“MetaBeat plans to redefine the relationship between artists and fandom, which is the core of the K-POP music industry, through a global music IP business in line with the Web3 era, and to implement a growth platform where the fandom leads the artists’ growth.” He continued, ”In the future, along with the recruitment of additional alliances, we will present various F2E (FAN TO EARN) programs that implement communication between various artists and fandoms, and will play a role in the growth of K-POP in the global market.”