MandalaFON – The NFT Collection Advocating for Wellness & Positivity That Sold Out Less Than Two Weeks before Launching

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Place/Date: Singapore – July 13th, 2022 at 6:41 pm UTC · 6 min read
Contact: Peter Lee,
Source: MandalaFON

The MandalaFON Launch Event at the Sheraton Towers. Photo: MandalaFON

Shambhala Kodo, a Singaporean wellness centre that specialises in Aromatic Incense Therapy, and Aura and Chakras scanning and therapy, has engaged with Web3 & Event IT solution provider Cloverlemon to create the MandalaFON series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The series was announced in April 2022, with all NFTs being fully subscribed by 20 June, less than two weeks before its official launch on 2 July.

Conceptualised by Master Lim Say Fon, Founder of Shambhala Kodo, and the first Singaporean master of the Japanese art of Kodo and Aromatherapy, each of the 1,011 NFTs in the series were developed with a symbolic message to help foster wellness, mindfulness, and positivity. The series launched on OpenSea and was fully revealed at a live event at the Sheraton Towers hotel in Singapore, the first physical launch event of such nature.

The project seeks to create a more positive space in the NFT landscape. Due to NFTs’ status as a digital asset, most NFTs are bought with the intention of “flipping” for profit. While this profit-centric mindset has benefitted many, it has also left the market open to scams and other types of predatory behaviour. Looking to be a breath of fresh air in the market, Shambhala Kodo looked to create a piece of digital art that works the same as collectable art that helps owners of the art find inner peace and wellness.

Master Fon said:

“The idea came from my study of ancient artworks that contain symbolic messages of positivity and love. From there, I looked to utilise modern platforms such as NFTs to share this traditional style of art with people, and help them find wellness and inner peace within themselves.”

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A Lord of the Sun NFT.

The NFT collection consists of 10 avatars:

  • The Lord of the Moon, representing Monday and the 3rd Eye Chakra.
  • The Lord of Mars, representing Tuesday and the Sacral Chakra.
  • The Lord of Mercury, representing Wednesday and the Throat Chakra
  • The Lord of Jupiter, representing Thursday and the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The Lord of Venus, representing Friday and the Crown Chakra
  • The Lord of Saturn, representing Saturday and the Root Chakra.
  • The Lord of the Sun, representing Sunday the Heart Chakra.
  • The Lord of Purity, representing peace and tranquillity.
  • The Lord of Accomplishment, representing the spirit of pursuing one’s dream.
  • The Goddess of Wish Fulfilling, representing self-confidence and faith in oneself.

Subsequently, 100 different variations were made with each avatar, with each variation designed to create a unique meaning for each NFT. The collection contains 4 tiers of rarity representing the 4 progressive stages of awakening and enlightenment. These choices were made to give each of the 1,011 NFTs their own unique message of wellness and positivity.

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A Lord of Purity NFT.

Master Fon explains:

“In the case of the Lord of Purity. You can see in his right hand, he is holding a Vagra (a ritual weapon symbolising a thunderbolt), and in his left, a bell. The Vagra represents wisdom, while the bell represents action. Thus, the image represents how one must use great wisdom to perform all duties in the highest form of perfection.”

To ensure that artwork is meaningful and distinctive, Master Fon meticulously guided the artist on the various designs, variations and meanings of each individual artwork. The NFTs themselves were each hand-illustrated, with no procedural generation involved in the design process to give the collection as a whole a more modern  and authentic style, while still allowing for each piece to reflect their own unique meaning.

Profits made from the NFTs will be reinvested to create a metaverse that promotes positivity and mindfulness. The MandalaFON NFTs themselves would serve as VIP passes for both the metaverse platform and real world activities, with perks such as classes on feng shui, geomancy, numerology, and astrology conducted by Master Fon himself.

Furthermore, the NFT project is looking to assist disadvantaged communities both in Singapore and beyond. In Q4 2022, the MandalaFON team is looking to develop merchandise to benefit children with cancer in Singapore. Beyond local borders, Master Fon looks to dedicate part of the project’s revenue to helping children in Nepal and India by financing their education and the construction of hostels. He is no stranger to supporting communities like these, having donated a water filtration system to a temple in Laos back in April 2019.

For more information on the collection itself, click on the link HERE for their website or HERE for their OpenSea page. For more on the images and logos used in this release, click on the link HERE for the media kit.

About MandalaFON

MandalaFON is an NFT collection launching in July 2022. By utilising knowledge obtained from ancient Vedic and Buddhist texts and translating them into the digital world, MandalaFON aims to convey messages of positivity to help people achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul. Join us on a spiritual and mystical journey with many IRL and online events such as sponsored spiritual retreats for holders, physical meetups, online spiritual classes, talks and much more.

About Shambhala Kodo

The Shambhala Kodo is a wellness centre that advocates for natural aromas that connect our mind, body and soul. Driven by a passion in creating healing environments through aroma, we source only natural aromatic materials of the utmost quality and potency that would bring out the benefits and properties of aromatherapy for wellness and mindfulness. Our products are derived from ancient formulas using the finest raw aromatic plant materials and our unique fragrances are crafted with healing botanicals to soothe the mind, reenergize and promote focus. We strongly believe that to have a healthy mind, one must have a healthy body, and with a healthy body and mind, we can have a healthy soul.

About Cloverlemon

Cloverlemon was founded in 2016 as an IT solution provider with Evention being its main product. We have provided digital solutions specialised for events for many MNC clients, such as AIA, Prudential, DBS, UOB, JP Morgan, DHL etc. in Singapore, Hong Kong and around the world. Our IT services include app and web development for various types of corporate events. Over the past 2 years, we have become trailblazers in providing our in-house virtual event platform for clients given the need for the hosting of virtual events.  With the rise of Web 3 including Metaverse and NFTs, we have been expanding our focus to include Web 3 projects and development. We are leading our clients into incorporating more Web 3 elements into their corporate events and projects, given the massive potential we foresee for such Web 3 advancements in the near future.