TYB and Shopify Launch Web3 Loyalty Platform for Leading Consumer Brands, Powered by Avalanche

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TYB Now Available on Shopify App Store

TYB is now available on the Shopify App Store, marking it as the first end-to-end Web3 community-powered loyalty solution accessible to Shopify’s millions of merchants via an Avalanche-based platform. The app allows Shopify merchants to implement TYB’s community-integrated-commerce tools, enabling direct connections with and rewards for fans taking valuable actions, such as referring friends to the brand, writing reviews, and creating and sharing social media content.

Brands Already Using TYB

Before the launch of the TYB Shopify App, several major consumer brands had been leveraging TYB’s existing white label solution to create custom platforms with community tools, fostering deeper, more meaningful engagements with fans worldwide. These brands include:

  • JuneShine
  • Figlia
  • Body
  • Loverboy (of Bravo’s Summer House fame)
  • 54 Thrones
  • Topicals, Sephora’s fastest-growing skincare brand

Simplifying Fan Engagement with the TYB Shopify App

With the TYB Shopify App, engaging and rewarding fans has never been easier. Brands can issue gamified challenges, co-create products, amplify their marketing campaigns, and reward fans for their engagement all via a directly-owned community channel.

Benefits of Building TYB on the Avalanche Blockchain

Building TYB on the Avalanche blockchain enables brand fans to own digital collectibles that can be redeemed for promotions on each brand’s Shopify ecommerce site. Brands can effortlessly create, distribute, and assign exclusive holder perks to their digital collectibles, fostering creative connections with fans. For fans, TYB provides seamless acquisition of multiple brand collectibles in one user-friendly wallet, requiring only an email address.

Empowering Brands Amidst Changing Consumer Landscapes

As the consumer brand landscape evolves with rising costs and increased competition across multiple channels, TYB’s launch on the Shopify App Store allows brands of all sizes to form direct relationships with their biggest fans.

Statements from TYB and Shopify Leaders

“After building Outdoor Voices, where community was our moat, I wanted to create a tool for brand-builders to automatically reward their customers for taking valuable actions, from sharing on social media, to co-creating products, to planning IRL events. Avalanche’s blockchain eco-friendly technology enables these community members to own their efforts…and now with Shopify, their rewards,” said Ty Haney, CEO of TYB.

“Tokengating is the next frontier of loyalty and buyer engagement, and we’re thrilled to see TYB, founded by a team that has built multiple brands themselves, come to life for merchants everywhere,” said Alex Danco, Director of Product at Shopify. “We’re happy to welcome the TYB app to the Shopify App Store, bringing its insight and experience to Shopify’s millions of merchants.”

Avalanche: Enhancing Store and Fan Experiences

Avalanche helps merchants who use the app upgrade their stores and fan experiences with fast, environmentally-friendly digital collectibles. Launched in September 2020, Avalanche ushered in a new era for blockchains with near-instant transaction finality. Today, Avalanche supports 1000+ dApps and secures billions of dollars in value, all while maintaining minimal climate impact.

“We’re excited that Avalanche can power the first Shopify white-label end-to-end community-powered Web3 loyalty solution available to all brand builders, regardless of their size. We look forward to Avalanche, TYB, and Shopify leading the way in the fast-growing field of blockchain-enabled rewards programs,” said John Nahas, Vice President of Business Development at Ava Labs, a developer of the Avalanche blockchain.

About TYB

TYB enables brands to make Community their most valuable growth channel. TYB is an all-in-one community management platform that allows brands to directly connect with, engage, and reward fans for taking valuable actions.

Click here to join a brand community already on the TYB platform, here to watch a video of how the new Shopify integration works, or here to watch a tutorial on how to join a brand as a user.