Volare Finance to Receive $6M Boost Following Its Avalanche Integration and Testnet on Fuji Now

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The Volare Finance protocol is designing its platform as a one-stop shop for options traders with a range of concerns they face on a daily basis being resolved.

Advanced options trading platform for the Web3.0 ecosystem, Volare Finance has announced a new milestone bordering on its launch of its Testnet on the Fuji protocol. The move is important as Volare Finance continues in its push to provide a transparent, trustworthy, and convenient decentralized mechanism without intermediaries on options trading which can imitate the serviceability of centralized exchanges.

As shared with Coinspeaker, Volare Finance has received a new $6 million capital injection in a bid to build out its protocol which has been deemed as a revolutionary options trading model in the emerging crypto ecosystem. While the inherent details of the funds were not disclosed, the capital injection is a testament to how well investors perceive the niche that Volare Finance is setting for itself in the grand scheme of things.

The Testnet that has been launched on Fuji contains an outfit for Options, Strategies, Exotic, Farming, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) sections through which investors can try out the difference that Volare Finance is brandishing.

Getting involved with blockchain technology is already considered a very complicated adventure, one which has a very high barrier to entry. Embracing options trading is an even more complicated endeavor, one that many crypto enthusiasts do not have a hang of. In light of this, Volare Finance is introducing a high level of simplicity to these offerings with its platform.

With its technology, Volare Finance aims not to only narrow down the requirements to partake in options trading but to also make it a more accessible trading style for all.

As a well-funded platform, Volare Finance provides a DeFi option protocol for European options, option combos, and exotic options. It also allows investors to invest in standard or customized option strategies portfolios and provides clients tools for hedging, speculation, and yield enhancement based on its infrastructure.

Volare Integration with Avalanche

Volare Finance has also unveiled it has integrated with the Avalanche (AVAX) protocol as it looks to broaden what offering is available to its platform users both at the testnet phase and at the point when the mainnet is eventually launched.

From the traditional WETH/USDC trading pair that it supports, Volare Finance testnet users can now also access the WAVAX/USDC pair. With a well-defined Call and Put Options as showcased on the testnet, investors or traders can easily check their activities history as well as their current open trade positions respectively.

The Volare Finance protocol is designing its platform as a one-stop shop for options traders with a range of concerns they face on a daily basis being resolved.

Volare is equipped with a handy pricing model that reduces the risks for both option buyers and sellers. It is worthy of note that all users, irrespective of their classification will benefit from Volare Finance as it is designed with the capabilities to eliminate the credit risk problems associated with exotic options trading in the traditional financial world’s over-the-counter (OTC) market and was created to facilitate DeFi crypto options trading while making trading tools that professional options traders use available for investors.

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