We Burn We Rise episode 3:Continues to Illuminate the Blockchain Landscape

Bictory The We Burn we Rise Show Episode 3


The podcast “We Burn We Rise” has quickly become a cornerstone for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals seeking the latest insights and developments in the cryptocurrency realm. In its third episode, hosts Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn invite a mix of new and returning guests to discuss cutting-edge projects and updates within the Phoenix Ecosystem.

The Hosts and Their Growing Influence

Engaging and Insightful Dialogue

Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, and Rxbbn continue to provide valuable content with their knowledgeable commentary and engaging interview style, which encourages their guests to share in-depth details about their projects.

Special Guests and Key Discussions

Introducing the Bictory Finance Team

This episode features the Bictory Finance Team, shedding light on their platform Bictory.io and its marketplace, which are making significant strides in the blockchain market.

Return of a Visionary

Dustin, founder of Kronic Katz and Kronic Labz, joins the conversation again to provide updates on his projects and their integration within the Phoenix Ecosystem.

Highlighted Topics and Innovations

Bictory.io and Marketplace

The discussion about Bictory.io focuses on how the platform and its marketplace are enhancing trading experiences and financial transactions within the blockchain space.

Continued Updates on FireSea and FireSwap

FireSea and FireSwap remain critical components of the Phoenix Ecosystem, with the hosts delving into new features and enhancements that have been introduced since their inception.

Kronic Katz: Ongoing Developments

Dustin discusses the latest advancements in Kronic Katz, highlighting how the project continues to innovate and evolve, offering new opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts.

Additional Resources and

Additional Resources and Exploration

Listeners seeking more detailed information can access a wealth of resources through the websites provided by the podcast’s guests. The Bictory website offers insights into their marketplace, while Kronic Katz provides information on minting and project updates. For overarching details about the Phoenix Ecosystem, the Phoenix website remains a crucial resource.


Episode three of “We Burn We Rise” successfully maintains the podcast’s momentum, bringing to light the collaborative efforts and technological advancements that are shaping the future of blockchain technology. As the series continues to offer valuable perspectives, it solidifies its role as an essential resource for anyone interested in the interplay of technology and finance.


The professional touch of PhoenixPhire in the intro and editing of the episode ensures that listeners receive high-quality content that is both informative and engaging.