We Burn We Rise Episode Six: Unveiling Crypto Innovations and Karmageddon Updates

CFG Ninja The We Burn We Rise Show Episode 6


The trailblazing podcast We Burn We Rise returns with its sixth episode, bringing together a remarkable lineup of guests. Hosted by Spazzitron McGee, Hyperion, Karma, and Rxbbn, this episode dives deep into the latest innovations in the cryptocurrency sector and introduces fresh insights from a secret special guest.

The Hosts and Their Impact

With a dynamic team at the helm, We Burn We Rise continues to offer in-depth discussions that resonate with both new and seasoned enthusiasts in the blockchain community.

Special Guests and Exclusive Revelations

Industry Innovators Share Their Expertise

The episode features Matt, founder of CryptoIRA, and Bladepool, creator of CFG Ninja, who discuss their respective platforms and the unique solutions they offer to the crypto community.

Return of a Familiar Visionary

Dustin, the founder of Kronic Katz and Kronic Labz, also returns to the podcast to provide updates on his projects and their integration within the broader crypto ecosystem.

A Surprise Visit from Michael of Cobalt Lend

Adding an exciting twist to the episode, Michael from Cobalt Lend makes a surprise appearance, dropping exclusive “alpha” about upcoming projects and collaborations that promise to reshape the market.

Additional Resources and Exploration

Listeners eager to delve deeper can explore the offerings of each guest through their websites:

  • For innovative retirement solutions involving cryptocurrencies, visit CryptoIRA.
  • Discover gaming strategies and tools at CFG Ninja.
  • Learn more about innovative blockchain solutions at Cobalt Lend.
  • Updates and information about Kronic Katz can be found on their website.

The Phoenix Blockchain also continues to offer detailed insights into its evolving ecosystem.


Episode six of We Burn We Rise not only enriches listeners with new knowledge but also sparks excitement with its announcements and the introduction of Karmageddon. The podcast remains a crucial touchstone for those intrigued by the intersections of technology, innovation, and community within the blockchain realm.


As always, the podcast benefits from the professional touches of PhoenixPhire, whose editing skills ensure that each episode is crisp, clear, and captivating.