A New Asset Class of Digital Investment

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The digital realm has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has brought investments closer to the people, as they have become simpler and more accessible. Consequently, financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs have undergone rapid digital transformation.

The landscape has undergone an evolution with the advent of blockchain, which is heralding a new era of digital investments: crypto-assets. Cryptocurrencies originated with bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer money, in 2009. While the fundamental idea behind bitcoin was to establish a safe and anonymous mechanism to transfer funds, people also recognized its potential as a store of value. Crypto-assets are expanding fast and have reached a market valuation of over $1.03 trillion in about twelve years. The industry even clocked an all-time high of $3 trillion in November 2021.

Following an initial boom that saw Ethereum and its smart contract platform rival bitcoin in popularity, other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) began flooding the market enormously, offering security, exponential industry growth, outsized returns, inflation hedge, and portfolio diversification. While crypto has gained popularity as a digital investment, some overlook the utility and purpose factors, which have caught the attention of many.

More than Just a Digital Investment

Unlike traditional stocks, holding crypto-assets provides actual utility: individuals can stake their tokens for rewards, as well as participate in yield farming to earn lucrative interest rates, governance, and can even solve real-world problems effectively. The rarest and most valuable combination, however, is a cryptocurrency with utility, a solid purpose, and the potential to be a reliable investment. The Legacy Token by Nature’s Vault checks all these boxes.

Nature’s Vault is a fintech-slash-greentech company tokenizing and monetizing the preservation of gold deposits underground. The company’s goal is to facilitate ESG impact and natural capital investment, offering new ways to invest in the future of our planet through various projects, beginning with Legacy Token. The token not only serves a purpose but also provides utilities for holders, such as the ability to stake it to earn yields and vote on governance.

Legacy: The Token with a Purpose

As the token’s main utility is the preservation of in-ground gold deposits, each Legacy Token is backed by the preservation of at least 1/100th of a gram of gold in the ground. Nature’s Vault acquires the mining rights for deposits located in pristine environments that are vulnerable to mining, and makes a pledge to never mine the gold within these deposits. In the process, they protect such environments from being mined by other parties as well. The first deposit Nature’s Vault acquired lies near Pistol Lake in Canada and covers over 150 thousand ounces of gold.

With Legacy Token, the tokenization of in-ground gold is intended to provide an alternative to traditional gold investments which require mining the gold with a significant environmental cost. Legacy Token offers the benefits of gold investment but without the environmental harm of gold mining, thus incentivizing avoided mining as a sound financial investment. Token holders can look at Legacy Token as an environmentally friendly way of diversifying their investment portfolio.  There is even the possibility that in the near future, carbon credits may be generated through avoided mining, and these credits could be distributed to Legacy Token holders.. Legacy Token, therefore, provides ESG investment opportunities for both individual and institutional token holders, while also contributing to the safeguarding of the Earth’s Natural Capital and helping mitigate climate change.

Another attractive feature of Legacy Token as an investment is Nature’s Vault’s Mine Acquisition Program. The aforementioned deposit near Pistol Lake holds 150 thousand ounces of gold, but Nature’s Vault is committing to the preservation of at least another 850 thousand ounces of gold through the acquisition of additional deposits. The company’s goal is to commit to the preservation of at least one million ounces of gold, at which point each Legacy Token would be backed by approximately sixfold the amount of preserved gold from the time of launch.

Powering the Future of Investments with Utilities

The world is transitioning away from traditional investment methods and toward the digital era of engagements. Investments that were previously difficult to visualize, explain, and elicit emotions are now simple to comprehend. Also, thanks to blockchain technology for facilitating the creation of cryptocurrencies which is the future of digital investments.

With tokens like Legacy serving a purpose while also delivering utility, crypto is undoubtedly poised to be the next best thing in digital investments. It’s about time the world embraces crypto en masse, particularly the ones that promote a bigger cause for the betterment of humanity.