ArchLoot AMA recap

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Coinwire Admin: Hello BSCDaily fam!!! And welcome back to another wonderful AMA session with BSCDaily x Archloot!!!

Dirk: Hi guys. Nice meeting you all!

Jonathan: Hi BSCDaily family!

Coinwire Admin: Good day Jonathan and Dirk! For those who don’t know, Jonathan and Dirk are going to be our guest speakers for today. So, how are we guys?

Jonathan: I’m great, happy to be here

Dirk: I’m good.

Coinwire Admin: Well that’s an assertive statement 😂 Are you really good here, Dirk my man? Blink twice if you’re forced to join this AMA haha

Jonathan: Hahahaha

Dirk: lmao. I’m really good. My pleasure to be here.

Coinwire Admin: We at BSCDaily are really friendly, and a big fan of GameFi actually. At least I know I am. And Archloot’s mechanics are something that really innovative, I’m really excited to this AMA

Jonathan: Well, that’s great since we’re a gameFi project haha

Coinwire Admin: So, shall we begin?

Jonathan: Sure

Dirk: Let’s get it

Coinwire Admin: Perfect! So let’s start today’s AMA with our first segment: Q&A with the host. We have prepared a few questions here, and feel free to take turns answering guys 🙌

Q1: Please describe Archloot’s focus, mission, and vision in short!

Jonathan: Sure, let’s do a small self introduction first. Hi, I’m Jonathan, the CEO of Archloot, I am from Belgium, and have been a member of the game industry for quite a  long time. if you’re keen to know more about myself, feel free to check my linkedin profile:

ArchLoot is an NFT-based UGC game built on BNB Chain, we can also say it’s an RPG game based on user-generated content, and for this reason, we want to place our users at the center of the project. Too many game companies have forgotten that they are making games because it was a passion in the first place and you can feel it. We are creating the project for the user base, we want ArchLoot to be a fair and balanced project for all users.

Dirk: Hi everyone! I’m Dirk, CMO of ArchLoot. I can also share my page:

I was from the traditional finance industry. Directed one of the first fully-compliant crypto hedge funds in Asia, and co-founded an FoF. Thanks for having us! We are here today to share 3 major updates for the BSC Daily community.

First one – Our 2nd wave of ArchLoot blindbox sales will start on August 8, right on the Binance NFT platform! 1st wave was immediately sold out – within 30s, with a floor price/volume climbing after since. So if you are interested in that, stay close to us. 

The second one – we are opening grand recruitment for ambassador & mod:

Join us if you’d like to learn/earn more in gamefi. Besides compensation & bonus, you’ll also have direct access to our closed/open beta test, which leads to the third news.

Our next beta test is now scheduled for August 15!

Coinwire Admin: Well well well, thanks guys for the insightful answers! I see John and Dirk are now in China, the market for GameFi there must be booming!

Dirk: Actually, we are a global team. Jon is from Belgium, I’m from Canada, and our CMO, Gavin is from Australia.

Coinwire Admin: I mean, the team is surely international, no doubt, but I guess there are reasons why you moved to China, probably you want to target the Chinese market? and the SEA market as well?

Jonathan: Well, me being in Shanghai is not related to Archloot project at all, but there are a lot of game studios here. About the markets, we target the SEA market indeed

Coinwire Admin: Right, so the target users/players of Archloot are also global. Thanks for sharing! SEA, EU, US,… I mean that’s the goal right? To slowly capture players from 1 region to another

Jonathan: We are stating with the SEA market first, mainly because gamefi users are already well implanted here in this market, then we will slowly roll out to other regions. Of course the end goal is to capture all possible users, but we need to start somewhere

Coinwire Admin: Totally understood! Archloot needs to steadily progress in 1 market in order to move to another

Dirk: Yep, crypto is a global trend.

Coinwire Admin: So, with the vision that you have with Archloot, I feel like the project is really on another level.

Q2: Besides you guys, who are the core members developing Archloot? What are their experiences with the gaming industry?

Jonathan: Ok so for my part, I worked for several game studios before including XD Global, Yostar and Aoshitang, I worked on projects such as Ragnarok, Arknights and Ulala:Idle Adventure. Aside from that, our COO Gavin has been a c-level member and consultant in blockchain projects.

Our advisor Duke co-founded that reached a $10m net profit in 2017

Dirk: Our members have accumulated much gaming publishing experience during 2017-2019, when at that time, NFT was not yet a thing. A lot of research has been done to keep the game sustainable in the long run. We had released an experimental game, mir1 on the iost chain, and made many enhancements based on community opinions. It was a good practice, which paved our way.

Coinwire Admin: Wonderful! You’ve had extensive experience and actually released a test product before. About ArchLoot’s UGC

Q3: Please explain this UGC of Archloot and other features. In comparison to most GameFi projects, what is your competitive edge?

Jonathan: Actually, I’d say that the major competitiveness would be our playability, backed by our team profile, technology, and backgrounds. We are coming from different horizons, for instance, I came from the game industry and Dirk was from the finance industry. 

Avatars in Archloot come in parts; those parts, which are Loot-style NFT parts, fully support user-generated modifications. The entire loot functionality is underneath these customizable NFTs that users will enjoy while playing the game. Gamers have assets more than a static jpeg, but a ‘live’ part that its metadata can be changed and protected by a treasury contract. It is also why we highlighted UGC as the game’s key feature. That’s for the game side of ‘UGC’, on the other side which are external to the game such as Discord, and other aspects, we try to innovate and give the community engaging events based also on User generated Content

Coinwire Admin: I love this idea, you will never know how wild players can be when you leave them to customize their own characters 😂

Jonathan: That’s the beauty of it

Coinwire Admin: So let’s talk more about the gameplay! And if you want to share videos about it, feel free to! I know you have some sick tutorials too

Q4: About Archloot’s gameplay, what can players do? Is it free to join?

Dirk: The game is free to play. We will be giving out common body parts for players to start their adventures.

Coinwire Admin: ohh boiii

Dirk: Here is a little peak about the game, if you are interested, you can definitely visit our youtube channel for more.

Coinwire Admin: Definitely! I’ve looked through all of it and I must say, really impressed with what you guys are bringing to the NFT Gaming space!

Dirk: Thank you

Coinwire Admin: Fam! Check the video out! The gameplay is all in there! Let’s move on to the next question:

Q5: What is the tokenomics design of Archloot? How do you sustain the in-game economy?

Dirk: ArchLoot adopts a dual-token model as $ALT serves as the governance token for ecosystem contribution while $ALG is the in-game currency for props upgrading and such. Details: Gamers can trust our management team which will actively monitor the in-game economy, watching the inflation and creating a healthy environment for all players.

One of the key differentiations between an experienced and a rookie game developer is about balancing the numbers. That’s indeed one of our expertise because we have been developing and publishing a lot of games prior to ArchLoot. In the long term, we believe our gamer-first strategy would be a key contributor. By that, I mean an effective user retention model driven by our good game quality, balanced economic system, and a robust community for user-generated content.

Jonathan: Building on that, in ArchLoot, we believe that GameFi 1.0 projects are merely a gamification of financial features. Our goal is to change that dynamic through innovations, creating an active, sustainable, exciting, and diversified player ecosystem.

Coinwire Admin: Well said! 100% agree with your mindset. Remember to join their socials and do your research fam. Next question:

Q6: The NFTs are surely a crucial part of Archloot, but besides the ability to customize our “role” or in-game character, what are the benefits of holding these NFTs?

Dirk: Our NFTs come in with 4 types: torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessories, and each of them falls into 1 category of rarity, ranging from common, rare, epic, to legendary. To say the fundamental value, they are essential parts for your gaming experience, determining your attributes, leveling up speed and more. It is currently the only way to gain powerful in-game advantages in the early stage.

Besides that, the 1st wave blindboxs holder have the best level perks for now, which includes the chance of direct participation in CBT phase 2. Also, our floor prices have climbed, as we know, 5 times higher. Investment is part of this industry. Moreover, we are also discussing future potential usage of the NFT in the entire ecosystem. As we keep publishing content of the game, it is likely that with each patch there will be new utility of the NFT. However, we do not want to jump too far ahead of ourselves. Lets just focus on the CBT phase 2 and OBT for now.

We conducted a Closed Beta Test back in June, selecting about 100 players out of more than 2000 potential applicants. While we are still finalizing the game, we will be launching CBT Phase II targeting Aug 15. All blindbox holders from our first wave of sales will be qualified to join the test by that time.

Jonathan: Actually this round of closed beta test will not last long and we will roll out the open beta probably the week after if everything goes right, this is mainly to test out some features

Coinwire Admin: Gotcha

Q7: When will the official game be released after the CBT and OBT? Also, what plans do you have in store to develop the game?

Jonathan: Well, so we planned to have the second round of CBT on Aug 15th, we are still finalizing the details about how long that CBT will last but it will be pretty quick, once the CBT done, we will wait a week to be sure everything is in order, and by that we will directly enter in Open Beta. Once we’re there, we can consider the game almost launched and so our Official Launch date here is for this quarter. About the plans, we have a roadmap from the game available on our website, the quarter after release, our focus is on stability, and expansion of community like we discussed before. We are also preparing some future features for the game, but it’s still in the experimental version as for now.

Coinwire Admin: Another thing, a project this promising, I guess there would be multiple organizations offering you to partner with them

Q8: Are there any major partners right now? What about the possible partnerships in the future?

Dirk: In terms of fundraising, we fulfilled our investment needs in a short period of time, attracting names like Alphabit, YBB, y2z Ventures, and FBG Capital. In the meantime, we are expanding ecosystem partners ceaselessly, such as working with SlowMist for contract auditing and announcing partnerships with guilds, investors, marketplaces, and digital asset service platforms that include Biance NFT, YGG SEA, NFTb, Safeheron, and AFKDAO. There are plenty of guilds partnerships upcoming very soon as well.

Coinwire Admin: Those are really exciting! For the last question that I have:

Q9: Where can we find out more about ArchLoot? If you have any events right now that we can join, please share it here also

Jonathan: There’s a carnival event going on our Discord channel: where you can simply chat & socialize to earn $ALT. 

Ambassador application:

Mod application:

Dirk: We are open to all applications, especially those who are dedicated in the gamefi space.

Coinwire Admin: Fantastic! Check them out fam!!!!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with ArchLoot🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jonathan: Thank you for having us today, it was nice to share with you guys, great community

Dirk: Great community here. Thank you.

Coinwire Admin: Thank you guys for coming on and talking about ArchLoot! I believe what you are building has potential, can’t wait for the OBT!!! have a good one guys!

Jonathan: Have a good one!

Dirk: Take care guys.