Axie Infinity Announces Launch of New Marketplace Upgrade

Axie Infinity Infinite Opportunity or Infinite Peril 2
  • Axie Infinity will deploy an upgrade to Axie Marketplace this August.
  • The upgrade will support NFT runes and charms and use ERC 1155 standard.
  • Due to this upgrade, all marketplace listings will be taken down, and players will have to re-list their Axies.

Sky Mavis, the creator of play-to-earn blockchain gaming platform Axie Infinity, announced on July 19 the launch of their latest update, which is set to be deployed to Axie Marketplace from August 2022 onwards.

This update will enable the marketplace to utilize the ERC 1155 standard, which will allow support for NFT charms and runes. Further, it will include performance upgrades to regulate the increased traffic that comes with periods of growth and adoption.

As the common practice on most NFT Marketplaces, this listing will also be featured for a maximum duration of six months to combat NFT pollution. Due to this upgrade, all marketplace listings will be taken down. Those holding Axies that are currently listed will have to re-list them once the upgrade is up and running.

Migrating the Axie listing requires ‘sign transactions’ from the Axie holder. Sky Mavis declared that they will be unable to do so as the creation of a mass re-listing tool would add more complexity to the launch and take up development resources that could be utilized on more important features, such as badges, upgraded bundles, and offers.

Hence, this upgrade is believed to serve a much-needed reset besides paving the way to support NFT runes and charms. Some of the benefits this upgrade brings along are as listed below:

  • Players who have listed their Axies will return to re-list and discover the recent updates to Origin
  • Marketplace sales will not go into ‘blackholes.’ (e.g., players who have lost their private keys or left the ecosystem forever)
  • The upgrade will enable players to re-assess the listings that were made in a dramatically different market environment.

Apart from this announcement, Sky Mavis is also hosting Axie Infinity’s latest breeding event, Lunacian Summer, in the Lunacian metaverse from July 14. The event will last for 50 days (till September). According to the team, automation breeding is prohibited during this period.

This breeding event, launched in 2018, has given rise to a remarkable generation of breeders and collectors for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019). Meanwhile, Sky Mavis is also preparing the long-awaited game reboot, Axie Battles V3 (AKA Axie Origin).