Base Meetups Embrace Open Source Initiatives


The Path to Decentralization

The path to decentralization for Base isn’t confined to technical aspects. We’re equally committed to decentralizing the people systems behind Base and the communities that make it happen. We believe that a thriving decentralized community will foster more robust idea-sharing, creativity, and innovation.

Global Reach and Community Engagement

Last year, Base hosted 15 meetups globally, from Lagos to Sydney to Berlin, connecting with over 1,000 builders. Our goal was to meet people where they are. Base is for everyone, everywhere, and we wanted to listen first hand to what builders were focused on—what was firing them up, the problems they were encountering, what they were motivated to solve. We wanted them to meet each other and find ways to help, because we know that we can do more when we work together. And finally, we wanted to share how Base could help them in their journeys, and at the same time, to hear from builders to understand how we could further evolve Base to support them.

Decentralized Approach with Base Community Meetups

This year, we want to take a more decentralized approach with Base Community Meetups where more builders can be part of the fun. Instead of meetups planned only by Base team members, builders anywhere can take the reins to introduce their communities to Base and bring them together to create the next generation of the internet—onchain.

Bringing builders together with Base Community Meetups

So, what does a Community Meetup look like? We’ll leave that up to you! You’ll design the soup-to-nuts programming, whether it’s to share a project you’ve built on Base, developer tools you’re excited about, or simply convening developer friends for connecting and problem-solving.

In turn, we ask that you represent the event and its purpose accurately: an independently organized event by builders, for builders and enthusiasts. And if you’re sharing information on Base, we ask that you stick with publicly available information from official Base channels or information shared and approved directly by Base.

We piloted community-lead meetups with builders last quarter, and are grateful to these teams for bringing Base to their communities: EthereumAustin in Austin, 404DAO in Atlanta, Web3Bridge and Buidlers Connect in Nigeria, and Aya in Ghana.

Interested? Here’s how you can get started hosting a meetup:

  • Apply through this intake form. We evaluate applications based on onchain experience, event hosting capabilities, and your vision for the meetup.
  • Selected hosts receive up to 2,000 USDC in support, access to best practices, and a suite of resources.

Bringing communities onchain, one meetup at a time

Base Community Meetups call onchain builders and enthusiasts to lead the charge in bringing the next billion users onchain. We can’t wait to see what you’ll plan.