Best NFT Games by Genre

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Crypto gaming is one of the most exciting ways to earn from cryptocurrencies. NFT games merge the thrill of virtual gaming experiences with the best of what gaming finance offers, yielding a blend of mind-blowing play-to-earn games. So if you want to explore blockchain gaming and cash in, here are some of the best NFT games by genre you can play.

Best NFT Game by Genre

  1. Axie Infinity – best overall PvP battle game
  2. Illuvium – best open-world adventure gameplay
  3. Thetan Arena – best multiplayer online battle arena game
  4. Decentraland – best multiverse NFT game
  5. The Sandbox – best alternative for Decentraland
  6. Cryptovoxel – best pocket-friendly metaverse game
  7. Slotie – best Simplified NFT Casino Game
  8. Gambling Apes Casino – Best realistic NFT casino game
  9. Monkey Bet – best recently launched NFT casino game
  10. DeRace – best NFT horse racing ecosystem
  11. Pegaxy – best alternative to DeRace
  12. Zed Run – best for players who prefer simple horse racing NFT games
  13. Sorare best Fantasy Football NFT Game
  14. Stepn – best move-to-earn NFT sport game
  15. Soccer Manager Elite – best football management NFT game

Best Action-Adventure NFT Games

The first genre of NFT games you want to get your hands on is the action-adventure genre. This is where all the adrenaline of player-versus-player (PvP) battles and arena modes meets the power of strategy and exploration. At their core, NFT action-adventure games are there to give you an out-of-this-world combat and adventure experience, all the while helping you make some money. Let’s explore the top three action-adventure NFT games you can’t afford to miss.

Axie Infinity

Best: Overall PvP battle game

Axie Infinity is the blockchain’s best PvP game, and it’s easy to understand why. This Sky Mavic creation features a digital pet universe where players collect, breed, and battle pet NFTs called Axie to get rewards. Axie Infinity’s edge comes from the fact that its gameplay leaves no stone unturned when it comes to competitive battle strategy. 

The gameplay begins with a player structuring a team of three Axies that have the stats to beat other competitors. Finding an Axie with high stats is the first challenge on Axie Infinity, and it requires a deep understanding of different Axie breeds, their body parts, and the strength each contains.

Once you have your Axie team, you can play in adventure mode. This player-versus-environment on Axie Infinity sets you up against skilled AI Axies to help you learn the ropes of the game and gain experience for the next stage, Arena mode.

Axie Infinity Arena mode is the heartbeat of this NFT game. Here, players battle each other with mind-blowing skill and craftiness. The game pairs players according to their Matchmaking Ranking (MMR). MMR is the value of your skill level and your ticket to making money on Axie Infinity.

As you battle and defeat more opponents, your MMR increases, and you receive Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token rewards relative to the value of your MMR. SLP is Axie Infinity’s native token, which you can convert into real money.


Best: Open-world adventure gameplay

Best Nft Games By Genre Illuvium

If you like your games with adventure and action wrapped up in one, Illuvium is one of the best NFT gaming titles for you. This space-themed game by Aaron Warwick and Kieran is an intriguing choice for all who would enjoy action-packed gameplay full of exhilarating interplanetary adventures. 

At its core, Illuvium is an RPG action game. As a player, you take the role of a survivor whose spaceship crashed on a planet called Illuvium. You will quickly have to learn the mystery of the planet and how to survive on it. The greatest mystery you have to unravel is the origin of the mystical creatures, the Illuvials, that roam the planet. 

To help you unravel the mystery of the Illuvials, you will find a book called Illuviary that lists all the creatures on the planet. But the lists are locked, and you must fight, capture, and register an Illuvial’s DNA on the Illuviary to unlock its details. You can then use your captured Illuvials to form a team that helps you battle other players and capture even more Illuvials.

On your quests, you get to earn impressive in-game rewards for completing PVE tasks and winning in tournaments. You also get to wager and participate in PvP battles to earn ILV, Illuvium’s native token. What’s more, you can trade the Illuvial NFTs and pieces of in-game NFT land on the Illuvium marketplace to increase your earnings.

Thetan Arena

Best: Multiplayer online battle arena game

Best Nft Games By Genre Thetan Arena

Another impressive NFT adventure play-to-earn game is Thetan Arena. Thetan Arena is the brainchild of the video game development company Wolffun Pte Ltd and runs on Binance Smart Chain. Although it is said to be an e-sport game, this title is more of a battle game that comes with thrilling multiplayer challenges and lucrative PvP tournaments.

Thetan Arena’s gameplay is simple but full of strategy. The game gives you heroes for free when you first become a player. These are NFT characters that help you play the game. Thetan Arena heroes come in three ranks, each with signature skills, varying stats, and different rarity levels. 

There are different battles to explore in this game. The first and most exciting one is the Battle Royale. This game mode places 12 players in an enclosing ring to battle out other participants and be left as the last man standing while destroying power boxes to earn power points. You can also play eight-player modes like Superstar, Tower Siege, Deathmatch, or Custom Battle, where you customize the number of players.

For each win in these battles, you make a certain amount of gTHC. gTHC is Theta Arena’s native token. The higher your heroes’ rarity level, the more gTHC you can make. Free heroes have some rarity, but it is not enough to earn you substantial amounts. So you can always upgrade your heroes to make more money from the game. 

Best Multiverse NFT Games

For gamers with a creative streak and a desire to create their own gaming experiences, NFT multiverse games are a fulfilling choice. These real-world NFT games allow players to build their own worlds, set up architecture, activities, and resources using NFTs, and invite other players to participate in these experiences. These are some of the most impressive multiverse NFT games you can explore.


Best: Multiverse NFT game

Best Nft Games By Genre Decentraland

Decentraland is among the most impressive metaverse games in the crypto space. This 3D virtual world created by Esteban Ordino and Ariel Meilich is a destination for players who want to create a parallel digital universe and earn money. 

The goal of playing Decentraland is simple: turn your imagination into virtual reality. Using one or some of the 90,601 NFT lands on Decentraland, you can create immersive virtual world gaming experiences complete with everything from buildings, scenery, art, and as many other NFTs as you can create from your imagination. 

Creating these experiences on Decentraland is easy, and you do not need programming knowledge to start. As long as you use the Builder tool that Decentraland offers, you can create impressive NFTs and gaming experiences that you can sell on the marketplace for remarkable returns.

The Sandbox

Best: Alternative for Decentraland

Best Nft Games By Genre The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another metaverse game that stretches the limits of your imagination in the most impressive way possible. Pixowl launched the game in 2011 to give players a fun way to make money by creating their own gaming experiences.

The foundation of Sandbox’s gameplay is land. This gaming project has a piece of NFT land that players can buy or rent. Once you have some land, you are free to create any other NFTS within the confines of your imagination. You can create an entire world in the Sandbox, from buildings to art to characters and events.

Besides creating NFTs, the other fun part about playing The Sandbox is that you can determine the effects that your NFTs or the NFTs of other players will have on your game. Using the Game Maker and Voxedit tools that the game provides, you can create NFT characters, give them quests to perform, and even modify the game’s terrain to suit your idea of a perfect gaming scenario.

To earn money on The Sandbox, you have to create catchy NFTs and sell them on the marketplace. You can also sell or rent out your land to other players, or charge specific rates to players who want to participate in your game. 


Best: Pocket-friendly metaverse game

Best Nft Games By Genre Cryptovoxel

A lot of Metaverse games can cost you a fortune, but not Cryptovoxel. This simple virtual universe game is as impressive as it is cost-effective. Cryptovoxel was created by Ben Nolan and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

However, despite its parent blockchain’s costly gas fees, Cryptovoxel is incredibly affordable compared to other metaverse games. For instance, a prime plot of land on Cryptovoxel can cost half as much as the cheapest plot on Decentraland. 

Affordability aside, Cryptovoxel is incredible because it allows players to experience the limitless boundaries of metaverse gaming. In the game, you can own land in a city called Origin City and use it to build infrastructure, collect resources, and create limitless gaming experiences. 

When building, you can use the minimalistic colors that the game provides, or you can go all in and add color and style to your buildings. The importance of creating attractive NFTs on Crypto Voxel is to cash in on them. The more creative your NFTs are, the higher the prices they can fetch in the marketplace.

The Best NFT Casino Games

If creativity and battle strategies aren’t your strongest points in virtual gaming, then you can try out NFT casino games. These online casino games run on blockchain technology and offer you the best of what Gaming Finance (GameFI) has to offer. Let’s check out some of the best crypto casino games you can play online.


Best: Simplified NFT Casino Game

Best Nft Games By Genre Slotie

Slotie’s combination of casino gaming and decentralized finance is seamless. NFT casino games like this one provide players with a low-stress means of making money at crypto casinos. To begin your crypto journey on Slotie, you’ll need to purchase NFTs referred to as Sloties.

The Slotie Club is an online casino that has partnered with 150 other casinos worldwide to ensure you get the real-world perks of casino gaming without ever setting foot in one.

Slotie uses NFT tickets called “Sloties” to play. Once you buy a Slotie, you automatically sign up for lifetime membership access to the Slotie club. 

Every Slotie NFT you buy has a different rarity level. This means that when you play on Slotie Club, you have different chances of winning the game—sloties with higher rarity guarantee higher chances of winning than those with lower rarity.

However, as long as you own a Slotie, you are entitled to receive Exclusive Holder Rewards(EHRs). These are bonus offers that come with being a member of the Slotie Club. Your Slotie also gives you VIP membership at any of the 150 casinos in partnership with Slotie. You will also receive a 20% rakeback when you wager your cash on any of these casinos.

Gambling Apes Casino

Best: Realistic NFT casino game

Best Nft Games By Genre Gambling Apes Casino

If you can picture a real-life casino experience in a virtual world, you understand what Gambling Ape Casino is about. With a virtual casino at the heart of Decentraland, Gambling Apes Casino is not your usual crypto casino site. This Curacao game gives you the unparalleled fun and realism of real-life casino gaming from the comfort of your computer.

To start your casino experience at Gambling Apes Casino, you need the Gambling Apes Casino NFT. This is like a membership badge that allows you to play. The game supports daily slot, blackjack, and roulette games. 

You can explore the juiciest poker tournaments hosted by GGPoker, a poker industry trailblazer platform known for the biggest poker cash games. Alternatively, you can opt for the weekly free-to-enter DraftKings Leagues, for all Daily Fantasy Players, with the sports alternating weekly depending on the community’s votes. There’s also room for sports betting on Gambling Apes Casino for global events and national leagues. These activities come with huge prize pools from which players can cash in.

Monkey Bet

Best: Recently launched NFT casino game

Best Nft Games By Genre Monkey Bet

Monkey Bet is one of the best NFT-based casino games. The game may be new to the market, but it has great growth potential. This Ethereum game is the creation of Invariant Labs, which seeks to revolutionize decentralized gaming and NFT protocols. 

The first step to participating in Monkey Bet is to buy yourself Monkeys. Monkeys are NFTs that provide a holder with Monkey Money (MM), Monkey Bet’s in-game credit token. For every monkey you mint, you get 25,000 Monkey Money tokens to help you play the game. Using your MM, Monkey Bet players can participate in slots, roulette, or blackjack games.

What you will find most interesting about this game, however, is that Monkey NFTs have an actual utility that impacts gameplay. Monkey NFTs come with varying trait scores. Certain Monkey NFTs offer you higher chances of winning casino games on Money Bet. 

It is important to note that Monkey Money is not an investment token. This means it has no real value outside the game. You cannot trade it on crypto exchanges because it has no liquidity. The token is only valuable when playing Monkey Bet.

Best NFT Horse Racing Games

Virtual racing games often feature cars, but in the crypto world, blockchain horse racing games are growing in popularity by the day. NFT horse racing games go beyond horse races. They encompass all the features of a horse racing metaverse, including breeding, training, construction, and racing. Many players enjoy these games because of their immersive gaming experiences, so here are a few NFT horse racing games to check out.


Best: NFT horse racing ecosystem

Best Nft Games By Genre Derace

DeRace is more than your ordinary horse racing game. This NFT metaverse project is a fully-fledged ecosystem running on the Ethereum blockchain. Participation in the game includes breeding horses, training them, and participating in amazing horse races. DeRace players can also build hippodromes and make some extra cash from them. Hippodromes are the stadiums where races take place.

Although horse racing comes with its thrills, what makes DeRace such a captivating game is its breeding process. NFT horses in DeRace have three distinct traits: rarity, performance, and cooldown time. To breed a powerful horse with high scores on all three qualities, you need to understand the genetic algorithm. This helps you select the best traits and merge them into a powerful NFT. 

With a unique horse breed, you stand a chance of winning horse races and earning DERC rewards. Derace’s native token is DERC. The rewards you get will typically be a percentage of each player’s fee to participate in the race. If you own a hippodrome, you also get a cut from the entrance fee charged for the races.


Best: Alternative to DeRace

Best Nft Games By Genre Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a Polygon Matic NFT horse racing game with an impressive twist of ancient mythology. The horse NFTs in the game, Pegas, are descendants of Pegasus, the immortal winged horse from Greek mythology. Pegaxy gamers breed, train, and race these powerful horses for rewards.

Breeding pegas is no easy task. A player needs to understand different horse types and breeding strategies that will result in the strongest breeds. There’s also a lot of preparation that goes into racing on Pegaxy. Gamers must master the art of racing under different climatic conditions and terrain featured throughout the gameplay.

For this reason, the game has PvP modes where 12 contestants compete under varying weather conditions. The top three winners of each PvP game move on to monthly competitions, and the very best proceed to the annual Grand Dash tournament, which comes with hefty rewards for the winners.

Considering the level of detail that goes into breeding Pegas, it may be expensive to buy your own horse. But, you can always rent a horse on Pegaxy, compete with it, and share the rewards with the horse’s owner. 

Zed Run

Best: For Players who prefer simple horse racing NFT games

Best Nft Games By Genre Zed Run

Zed Run is the perfect horse racing game for players who would rather avoid the complexities of horse breeding and jump right into racing. The game offers a more straightforward approach to horse racing, where the most you need to do is win a tournament.

Zed Run has four main horse breeds, but these are there to make the game competitive, and their breeding logistics are not much of a factor to consider. Depending on your horse’s breed, Zed Run will place you in a pool to compete with other players whose horses have relatively the same skill level as yours.

There are multiple Zed Run tournaments, the most famous being the Podium Plate, Keep on Winning, and the Fibonacci Cup. Tournaments generally depend on a horse’s skills, so low-skilled horses cannot compete in major tournaments. You must participate in more races to increase your horse’s skill level.

Best NFT Sport Games

Sports have also made their way into blockchain gaming, with many impressive titles to explore. Let’s look at some of the best NFT sports games that you will enjoy.


Best: Fantasy Football NFT Game

Best Nft Games By Genre Sorare

Fantasy sports are a significant trend in virtual gaming, so it’s no wonder Sorare has gained massive traction since its launch in 2019. This game is one of the most popular virtual fantasy football championship platforms.

Sorare offers players a chance to experience gamified sports in a mind-blowing metaverse setup. You start the game by buying collectible digital cards for different players to form your team. To advance in the game, you need to be a guru in team formation and statistics. Sorare The team needs you to create lineups and build strategies for your players, and you earn rewards based on your player’s real-life performance. 

You can also take part in weekly tournaments to help you climb the divisions. In these tournaments, you sharpen your players’ skills by competing with other Sorare players, called Managers. The earning potential on Sorare is impressive, and the game’s marketplace allows you to make more profits from trading the collectible digital card NFTs.


Best: Move-to-earn NFT sport game

Best Nft Games By Genre Stepn

Stepn is what crypto gamers refer to as a move-to-earn game. Move-to-earn is a type of crypto game where you have to move to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Stepn, being one of the pioneer games in this sector, has amassed a broad fan base, especially among people who want fun ways to keep healthy.

Stepn’s gameplay is simple. You need to download the Stepn app, sign up, log in, and buy a sneaker NFT. Then, you need to sync your account to one of your wearable devices or simply use it on your phone if you move around with your phone often. From this, the game can detect when you are doing activities that require movement, like jogging, walking, or running, and it rewards you for doing them.

You need energy to get your rewards in the form of Green Satoshi Tokens on the platform. Every energy bar is equivalent to 5 minutes of organic movement. This means if you devise tactics to have your device move, like placing it on a pet, the game will not reward you.

Soccer Manager Elite

Best: Football management NFT game

Best Nft Games By Genre Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite, popularly known as Soccerverse, is a sports-based game developed by Xaya Technology. Specifically, it is a multiplayer football management simulation hosted on Polygon Matic. The main concept of this game is to play different managerial roles in a football club and earn money from your efforts.

You can become a club manager, manage the team, develop strategies, and trade players on the transfer market. Alternatively, you can be a club shareholder, which means you own the club and trade club shares on a decentralized marketplace, or a player shareholder, who owns players and trades player shares on the decentralized market. Lastly, you can play as a player agent, who controls player morale and acts as a spokesperson for the player shareholders.

Every role on Soccerverse earns you a corresponding reward. For instance, good managers earn weekly wages from the club, club shareholders get dividends from the club’s income, agents get a portion of their players’ salaries, and player shareholders earn dividends from players and commissions when players score or assist.


What Are NFT Games?

NFT games are cryptocurrency-based games that require a player to have a non-fungible token (NFT) to play. NFTs, on the other hand, are non-currency digital assets created using blockchain technology and other audio or visual components. 

Is There a Free NFT Game?

Some NFT games, like Thetan Arena, allow you to play using free NFTs. But these free versions often don’t give substantial rewards. So, if you are out to make profits on NFT games, consider buying or renting NFTs.

What NFT Games Can I Play on Mobile?

There are many NFT games you can play on your mobile phone. Games like Stepn, Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Zed Run, Sorare, and CryptoVoxel have mobile app versions.

Can You Make Money Playing NFT Games? What Can I Expect from Investing in Crypto Gaming?

Yes, you can make money playing NFT games. However, crypto is a highly volatile investment. So take time to learn about the game you are investing in, and analyze its potential for growth and sustainability before you invest in crypto gaming.

Is Crypto Gaming a Scam?

Crypto gaming is not a scam. There are many legitimate crypto games that you can earn from. However, scammers try to lure people in with fake promises of making money through crypto gaming, rug pulling, or fake crypto gaming projects. So, do your due diligence on a game before you invest in it.