BingX Begins Futures Grid Trading To Energize Traders During Crypto Winter

bingx 3
  • BingX launched the Futures Grid Trading feature on its platform.
  • This trading grid enables investors to gather money by executing low-buy and high-sell market orders.
  • This feature ensures profit when the selling price of a coin exceeds the buying price.

After introducing Spot Grid Copy Trading in March, the crypto social trading platform BingX announced the launch of Futures Grid Trading. This latest feature combines grid trading and futures trading, which can bring grid profit to all of its registered users.

Grid trading is a quantitative trading strategy that automates the buying and selling of digital assets at preset intervals around a preset price range to build trading grids. These trading grids help investors rake money by executing low-buy and high-sell orders during price volatility.

Moreover, the Futures Grid Trading system ensures profit every time the selling price exceeds the buying price, thus eliminating the need to forecast the market. Also, it allows traders to use leverage to maximize their profit.

Speaking of the new initiative, Elvisco Carrington, Global Communications & Public Relations Director at BingX, remarked:

For this quarter, part of BingX’s strategic focus is to provide users and traders with a better trading environment and new tools that facilitate profitability. We are also further simplifying the trading process so they can employ new trading tactics that allow them to gain, especially considering the current market situation.

BingX team claims that compared to other platforms, BingX provides users with more flexible space by lowering the minimum investment amount. Traders could try futures grid trading with 20 USDT and see how it arbitrages automatically. They can also preset a stop-loss point to limit the loss of a security position.

Additionally, Futures Grid Trading will be available on both the BingX app and desktop. It saves traders from keeping tabs on the market all day by making strategic, informed, and rational trading decisions on their behalf.

Moreover, BingX will soon launch a campaign to cover all traders’ losses in their first futures grid trading. This is also to encourage traders to make money with intelligent tools.

Significantly, security is an important concern for BingX. The team claims their goal is to safeguard users’ assets during the bearish market trend in the second quarter of 2022. They also specified that it would not hedge users’ funds in venture investments under any circumstances.