Industry-Leading BSC Yield Optimizer, Omni Consumer Protocols

Omni Consumer Protocols (OCP) is a multi-platform yield optimization protocol, offering nearly every tool a cryptocurrency user could want: the ability to exchange, lend, borrow, and even play.

They are now officially multi-chain (BSC & Arbitrum) and rapidly expanding!



Omni Consumer Protocols (OCP) is a DeFi conglomerate, uniting a variety of interconnected protocols under one banner. Based on “battle-tested” architecture, the OCP suite of dapps provides users with the ability to maximize the utility of the tokens they already own, on a fortified and streamlined DeFi mega-platform. 

Rather than relying on third-party developers to create application-level protocols, OCP is currently showcasing several unique in-house applications, though 5 of them lead the pack:

  • Vault: Single-asset auto-compounding vaults, and the “yield minting” of stablecoins 
  • Trade: High capital-efficiency low-slippage AMM for stablecoin swaps
  • Auto Compounding: Auto-compounding LP farms for your favorite tokens
  • Farms: White Label Farming SAAS for teams
  • Delta City: NFT-based persistent online game wrapped around a DeFi protocol


Stake assets like CAKE, USDT, USDC, BUSD, and BTC to earn market-leading APY while borrowing (aka “yield minting”) $USDO stable coins, at the same time.

Vault is an underappreciated DeFi Gem, according to OCP. You may earn the greatest APY industry-wide (20+ percent or more) on your $BTC or (70 percent plus) on $CAKE, along with several other assets; simultaneously borrow $USDO against aforementioned staked assets – available for a growing number of tokens, and referred to as “yield minting.”

Vault is intended for high-yield farming with no risk of impermanent loss. Incentives are paid in the token you are staking and automatically added back to your underlying position on your behalf, all with a leading APY for single-staked assets such as CAKE, USDT, USDC, BUSD, BTC, and others. 

To summarize, Vault is a customizable savings account that offers low-risk passive income and stablecoin minting for depositors. 

What guarantees the success of Vault? 

Vault stands out due to its unique features:

  • When compared to Venus, Cake Syrup Pool on PCS has about double the rates with the same liquidity.
  • Rewards are not “random” platform tokens, and you get more of what you have staked.
  • Borrowing rates for $USDO are quite low, which means you can borrow and buy additional tokens to leverage safely.
  • OCP protocols encompass most things in DeFi, including Minting, Swapping, Yield Farming, NFT GameFi Leading APY in the market with 20%+ for BUSD, USDT, USDC, and BTC and a Market cap of only $630K

Current Tech Roadmap

2021 Q3 

  • Vault Live 
  • Steaks Live
  • CAKE Vault Added
  • BUSD Vault Added
  • 4 LP Partnerships
  • Delta City Artwork

2021 Q4

  • USDT, USDC Vault Live
  • BTC Vault Live
  • BNB Vault Live
  • Delta City INO on NFTb
  • 40 Steaks Partnerships
  • Arbitrum Implementation

2022 Q1

  • Trade Upgrade
  • Other Chains
  • More Single Asset Vaults
  • 100+ Partnerships
  • CEX Listing
  • $1B+ TVL

Closing Thoughts

There’s no doubting that Vault, OCP’s feature platform, has been a huge success thus far. Farms with high APY yields can be collateralized with VAULT. Furthermore, you can borrow $USDO against these income-producing assets simultaneously. In the near future, Vault will be expanding to more chains and we can expect to see the OCP token on a CEX as well!

The opportunity is now accessible to everyone who is willing to take it on a first-come, first-served basis. By deploying your digital assets on Vault and obtaining OCP on PCS today, you may make your digital assets generate passive income for you at the highest APY.

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