Stream Live — The All-in-One Streaming Platform Powered by Blockchain

Social media has dominated the last two decades of internet innovation, but traditional platforms are rapidly being replaced by a relatively new concept – live streaming platforms. Every day, millions of people tune in to the streams of their favorite online personalities, choosing between one of several streaming services to watch, interact and reward their streamer of preference.

However, a new streaming service named Stream Live is presenting a unique take on live streaming by providing an all-in-one stream service. Instead of trawling through the variety of streaming services for something they like, viewers can browse live streams across many major platforms within a single website. Similarly, streamers on Stream Live can also go live on many major streaming services at once through the service, including streaming giants such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

This isn’t the only innovation that Stream Live provides though – the platform has taken a highly unique take on the existing concept of rewarding streamers and also rewarding the users. By watching advertisements of their favorite streamers with Stream Live, users will accumulate coins of the platform’s native cryptocurrency, STREAM (STRM).

In fact, the entire service runs on blockchain technology, allowing users to send STRM as donations or receive it as a reward by using any crypto wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens.

Through the STREAM blockchain that will be developed in the future, the platform aims to provide a frictionless streaming experience for both viewers and streamers — preventing the need for expensive transaction fees and facilitating seamless peer-to-peer interactions.

The platform isn’t stopping there though – in the future, Stream Live has the ambitious aim of adding an NFT Marketplace for videos.

To take its first steps into conceptual realization, there will be a public sale in February 2022.

Overall, Stream Live’s long-term plan looks to be a future-proof streaming solution that is tackling some of the most innovative and exciting concepts of the next decade. By running on its own high-speed STREAM blockchain, rewarding both viewers and streamers, and running all transactions through its native STRM cryptocurrency, the potential of the platform seems limitless. The thought of adding an NFT marketplace into this equation is truly exciting, and we can’t wait to see what Stream Live can do with all these resources.

About Stream Live

Stream Live is an all-in-one Live Streaming on a Blockchain-Based Platform, allowing streamers to grow their audience and rewarding viewers by rewarding them. Using Stream Live, streamers can Stream in one click and go live on various platforms. The idea is to link people all around the world with only one click and one platform.

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