RIFI United is Set to Open NFT Mystery Box Sales

In early November, the non-fungible token (NFT) metaverse game RIFI United successfully launched its in-game token $RU on November 9th through KrystalGO and Pancakeswap. The team is so thankful for that success and ready to introduce NFT Mystery Box sales, followed by a one-and-only NFT marketplace this November 14th.

Commenting on its successful IDO, Rikkei Finance, and RIFI United CTO, Tung Vu said,

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the supporters of the project, especially our community – Rifician. If it were not for your continuous support, the project would not reach where it is today. We are really looking forward to the journey ahead and further developments of the RIFI United to provide the best NFT metaverse gaming experience for our community.”

$RU IDO and Listing is a Great Victory

RIFI United token, RU, has an initial market cap of $335,000 with an initial price of $0.005. The team has successfully secured $280,000 in capital through their IDO. The remarkable post-IDO achievement of RIFI United is a massive 10M volume in the first 12 hours after launch. RU token now has more than 3000 holders.

Apart from this, RIFI United’s social media presence is also growing. When its whitelist event commenced, about 11,000 participants joined. Particularly, its Telegram community now has around 20,000 members and more than 30,000 Twitter followers and counting.

RIFI United has already established itself as a credible project, as it is the first product in the Rikkei Finance ecosystem, which is secured by notable investors, including Signum Capital, HyperChain, Kyber Network, X21, Rikkei Capital, amongst others.

RIFI United is nurtured with the aim of allowing users to utilize RIFI future cross-staking and cross-NFT programs, as well as expedite the future NFT lending feature of Rikkei Finance. The RIFI United metaverse is designed with unique game depth, where users can satisfy their passion for the football field and earn a lot of money by becoming the manager of a football club, owning lands, players, staff, stadium, and lots of different items, from the regular to the legendary NFTs.

“RIFI United creates a fantasy universe for gamers to experience a whole set of football manager simulation gaming, including owning a lot of real estates, buying players and training them to compete for rewards, develop business activities by training or buying, selling, and transferring your players, and so on. Through the gamification of several DeFi mechanisms, RIFI United will bring players a new dimension of mixed entertainment and earnings,” the team added.

Ready to Jump into Phase 2: NFT Mystery Box Sale 

Above all, RIFI United is moving to phase 2, starting with the next prominent milestone, encompassing the NFT Sale.

RIFI United NFT Sale will take place on November 14, 2021, this Sunday at RIFI United. 12 NFT sessions with 2 hours each will be available for you to join the sale, so wherever you are, whatever your timezone is, you will still be able to participate in the $RU NFT sale.

The sale will be in the form of a Mystery Box Sale. There are 3 types of Mystery Box. They are the Bronze Box, Silver Box, and Gold Box with increasing rarity distribution. When you open one of these boxes, you will find 5 distinct NFT players divided into 3 types: (1) Rising Star players (2) Accomplished players, or (3) World-classed players.

Boxes will be sold in RU and all revenue will then be burned. 

Right after the sale, RIFI United marketplace will also be opened so that everyone can start trading to build their ideal squad.

Save the date for RIFI United NFT Sale!!

For those who are interested, RIFI United welcomes everyone who would like to explore a football metaverse filled with numerous and fanciful gaming activities centered around NFT animal players. Check out RIFI United here: https://rifiunited.io