Animoca Brands Will Partner Cube Entertainment to Build K-Pop Music Metaverse

  • Animoca Brands will partner with Cube Entertainment in the coming days.
  • Both parties will work together to build a K-pop music metaverse on Cube’s roster.
  • Also, Animoca and Cube team up to create multimedia NFTs for popular actors and all the K-pop musicians.

In a move to closely expand its blockchain arms, Animoca Brands has announced its incoming fantastic partnership with Cube Entertainment to build an open K-pop music metaverse on Cube’s roster.

When the time is due, both parties will work hand in hand and create unique scaling multimedia NFTs mainly for celebrating popular actors and all the K-pop-based musicians across the world on Cube’s roster. Specifically, the NFT will feature vibrant images such as artist portraits and album art.

In the same breath, on top of these features, also, the NFTs will be widely available to feature several other sound sources, including full-length albums.

Speaking about the partnership, the Chief Executive of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu expressed his warm happiness ahead of the upcoming joint venture. He even mentioned that he can’t wait to work with Cube Entertainment  to “make the open metaverse a reality.”

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands defines this collaboration as enabling “true digital property rights and other blockchain benefits” for Cube’s artists and their fans.

Additionally, Cube’s CEO Ahn Woo Hyung also gave his view alongside Siu. Notably, he added that their collaboration will be “an important beginning for leading the global digital culture market and advancing the digital content industry.” for everyone.  

This collaboration will be a staggering moment that represents the first in history that Animoca and Cube Entertainment are teaming up for this innovation. However, this time clearly shows how Animoca Brands is taking a great stride in the NFTs space.