Boost Announces Partnership with NZT Capital Amidst Release Of Boost DeFi App

The Boost community has seen huge developments in the last month. Features from the highly anticipated Boost DeFi app have started going live and by mid-November even more will be available. Boost’s native token, Boost Coin, has seen amazing results so far. Analysts are predicting Boost Coin will reach $1 as the app gets closer to completion. Ready for the cherry on top of the cake? Boost recently announced a partnership with major crypto hedge fund NZT Capital. NZT Capital is a crypto-catalyst company that has committed to weekly injections for Boost. The Boost community has so much to look forward to; Boost DeFi and its 14k members, Boost Coin with a growing 9,000 holders, and now a new hedge fund partnership. Boost’s progress is impressive and this is only the beginning.

The revolutionary Boost DeFi app will bring Boost’s latest financial tools to the palm of your hand. While Boost DeFi continues to develop, BoostSwap, their amazingly user-friendly exchange, is live and embedded directly into Boost DeFi along with free limit orders. BoostSwap has all the best components of their competitors like UniSwap and PancakeSwap, minus the issues that hinder them. Furthermore, BoostSwap now supports ETH and BNB. BoostFolio is comparable to Zerion and goes live November 15, followed by BoostCharts shortly after. There are also various chat rooms on the app, in addition to an education tab and a news tab that introduces the latest news from major crypto outlets. Currently, there are active NFT, general stock, general crypto and Boost Coin chats. The community has BoostTools and BoostFarming to look forward to in the future as well.

Boost’s leading development team is beaming with the recent news and support from the Boost community. The team has almost a decade of experience in the blockchain space, in addition to completing several projects with billion-dollar market capitals. To add to the excitement, Boost continues to create fun giveaways and contests. Most recently, they offered reimbursement of taxes and gas fees for anyone that purchased over 1 ETH of Boost within the next three hours of the announcement. Celebrities like Tory Lanez, Jadakiss and The Game recently gave shout-outs to the Boost team and Boost Coin.

The completion of Boost DeFi will be the piece of the puzzle that brings all of Boost’s financial tools together in one accessible place. The alliance with NZT Capital only helps solidify Boost’s longevity in the space. So much progress, in such a short time. Boost cannot be stopped. Follow Boost across social media to keep up with exciting announcements, giveaways and more.

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