El Salvador Launches Self-Service Kiosk Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin News

  • El Salvador established a self-service kiosk accepting Bitcoin.
  • The crypto enthusiast Stephen DeLorme took a video of how the machine works.
  • El Salvador is grateful for its locally grown coffee.

As we all know, El Salvador started using Bitcoin as a legal tender. Now, the country started putting self-service kiosks for citizens to pay in Bitcoin. Thus, citizens can purchase beer with Bitcoin at the newly established beer station. In addition, the crypto enthusiast Stephen DeLorme showed his video on how to use the machine.

Moreover, the video uploaded by Bitcoin Magazine got a lot of attention from the community.  In fact, some are sharing their positive opinions and also negative comments.

Furthermore, one local Salvadorian shared his opinion regarding the video that he agrees that most Salvadorians have problems because they didn’t know what Bitcoin is very well.

On the other hand, aside from Bitcoin profit, El Salvador now is very grateful because of their locally grown coffee. In addition, Morena Valdez, Ministry of Tourism, said before that they are planning and pitching on what Bitcoin could do for El Salvador. Now, it’s happening as business leaders and tourists stream into El Salvador.