Space Runners – the Future of Fashion Footwear Is Here!

  • Space Runners aims to bring fashion 4.0 into the gaming world.
  • Space Runners NFTs can be used in metaverses, games, and virtual events.

Space Runners, the world’s first digital sneaker brand, is bringing fabulous sneaker fashion into the gaming space. With its customized pairs embedded on the Solana blockchain, your digital avatar can pose and never go out of style.

To go further into detail, Space Runners is a fashion and gaming NFT project that lets esteemed designers, celebrities and enterprises offer glamorous collections as NFTs. These designs can be bought, exchanged, upgraded, outfitted with equipment, and used as avatars specifically in warfare and racing games.

Space Runners Non-Fungible Tokens have a plethora of exciting features that await its users. First, collectors can exchange their game assets online in a low-fee, reputable marketplace. They can also upgrade their NFT skills while playing. In turn, they can increase their chances of winning, and the rarity and value of their NFTs.

It is also important to note that each collection has its native set of objects. Gamers can boost their skill qualities, therefore raising their NFT’s overall power and rarity. DeFi technologies like renting, staking, farming, collateral, and DAO are also available on Space Runners. Plus, you can play by yourself or with others.

Space Runners is available for use in digital contexts like metaverses, games, virtual events, and social media platforms. Currently, the team is developing an augmented reality interface that will let users wear their NFTs by just scanning a QR code with their smartphones.

The team also plans to use cameras to capture photos and videos of their pairs, upload them online, and turn them into Instagram and Snapchat filters.

As the future of fashion footwear, Space Runners guarantees a steadfast and scalable service for the integration of fashion 4.0 and gaming.