TryHards, The NFT Shooting Metaverse Defines The Future Of Gaming

Beyond just the Play-to-Earn concept, TryHards is an NFT shooting metaverse driven by the community – for the community. 



TryHards is a community-driven NFT shooting metaverse game that features exciting gameplay and rewarding prizes. It combines the best of DeFi and NFTs to create an environment where users receive real monetary benefits for their game-time and can create a passive income stream by trading in-game resources, participating in competitions, and more. As one of the early adopters of the play-to-earn model, it combines the best of DeFi and NFTs to create an environment where users receive real monetary benefits for their game-time and can create a passive income stream by trading in-game resources, participating in the battle for honor on Planet X.


TryHards transports players to a future in where Earth or Planet-X begins to be livable again after 1337 years, following the Satoshi Massacre, which claimed the lives of billions of people. Gamers will take on the role of Fanatics, fighting for their sides by collecting technological wonders from deep under the ground and harnessing their power to enhance their weapons and take control of the battlefield.

Training, PVP, and PVE are the three-fight modes. Players may acquaint themselves with the metaverse and gameplay in the training mode before engaging in genuine conflicts. Two players in the metaverse challenge each other for combat by staking $TRY tokens in the player-vs-player (PVP) mode. The combat winner receives everything. Players combat a swarm of monsters in the player-vs-environment (PVE) mode, earning prizes according to the number of creatures they destroy.

To keep the battle going and to level up, the players are required to upgrade their Fanatics and weapons from time to time.

How to start playing

To begin playing TryHards, you must first obtain your Weapon and Fanatic. They will sell two separate NFTs on their marketplace, with the possibility of receiving Fanatics champions or weaponry. A player must have at least one champion and one weapon before starting a PVP or PVE game. These NFTs are also available for purchase on our own marketplace as well as any third-party marketplace that sells our unique NFTs.

NFTs in TryHards

In TryHards, NFTs are employed. The true ownership rights offered to users over their purchased in-game components are the source of value. Each NFT character has its unique quality, rarity, and benefits inside TryHards. These components are regarded as valuable digital assets that may be traded on cryptocurrency NFT exchanges. Tryhards’ game will begin with three NFT categories. Fanatics (Champions), Weapons, and Crystals are the three categories.

Fanatics & Weapons

Fanatics are champions who belong to one of the universe’s Factions. At the time of writing, there are four factions in the game (Apes, Robots, Undeads, Survivors). Each group contains five distinct Fanatics, for a total of 20 Fanatics in the game when it first comes out. Other factions and champions will be added to the metaverse in the future. The Tryhards universe has weapons as well. The game will begin with ten distinct weapons, each with its unique set of qualities and in-game mechanisms.

Weapons Upgrade with Crystals

All NFTs purchased on the TryHards platform are immediately staked on the owner’s behalf, and their rarity cannot be increased. The Fanatics’ levels and weaponry attached with these NFTs, on the other hand, may be increased.

Crystals are an in-game resource that may be used to improve the rarity levels of weapons and Fanatics. The crystals, like weapons and Fanatics, have the same rarity tiers and drop rates. The more crystals it takes to enhance the Fanatics and weapons, the higher their level. Crystals, on the other hand, are not available for purchase. They may be gained by purchasing loot boxes or staking $TRY tokens and providing liquidity to the TryHards Metaverse.

TryHards Plaza

The TryHards Plaza is an in-house NFT marketplace where users may buy, sell, and exchange Fanatics, weapons, and crystals with the native token $TRY. The plaza is built with optimized smart contracts that provide consumers with the greatest trading experience possible while minimizing gas costs. TryHards Plaza accepts the following goods for trade:

  • Fanatics 
  • Weapons
  • Crystals 
  • More in-game items to be added


TryHards, being a gaming platform that is still in its early phases of development, has a busy roadmap that assures the platform’s rapid expansion and growth. In Q3 of 2021, this will entail engaging advisers, raising funds, forming partnerships, and developing smart contracts, with NFT drops and web3 wallet integrations scheduled for Q4 of 2021.

The Alpha launch, governance introduction, and fight launches are all set for 2022, with the Alpha launch, governance introduction, and battle launches scheduled for Q1 and Q2.

With TryHards, the main development team is dedicated to delivering a next-generation blockchain gaming experience.

To date, Duck DAO, The Moon, MMCrypto, and Brilliance Ventures have all announced important metaverse collaborations with TryHards. Each of these collaborations enables TryHards to be equipped with a wide range of skills and backed by industry professionals.


The $TRY and $HNR tokens fuel the TryHards Metaverse, which is a dual asset economy. The platform’s native utility and governance token is $TRY. The maximum total quantity of this ERC-20 Matic token is 200 million $TRY tokens, with 17.5% devoted to the play-to-earn mechanism to be dispersed among players. In the metaverse, TRY is required to assist players in interacting with one another and with the platform. It’s also required for loot box opening and participation in platform governance.

In-game operations, on the other hand, are carried out using $HNR. It’s also a Matic ERC-20 token with an infinite total supply. HNR is used to combat legendary creatures, perform tasks, and battle on Planet-X. When NFTs are updated and crystals are constructed or decomposed, the tokens are burned.

NFT Launch & IDO Launch

TryHards Public Sale Details

  • Whitelist Opening: 11th November
  • Whitelist Closing: 16th November 2 pm UTC
  • Public Offering Date: 18th November 2 pm UTC

Whitelist form:

  • Total Allocation: $137,750
  • Price Per Token: $0.09 per $TRY
  • Total $TRY tokens Available: 1,530,555.56 $TRY
  • Restricted Countries: USA, SYR, IRN, IRQ, CUB, PRK, LBY, SSD, SDN
  • Method: Batch Lottery
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Vesting: 34% at TGE, followed by 33% monthly.
  • Batches: Three
  • Total Seats: 813

How to earn with TryHards

Gamers at TryHards have the opportunity to earn tokens in a number of ways: 

  • Selling their Fanatics, weapons, and crystals as NFTs on marketplaces.
  • Winning PVP battles with other players and pocketing all the staked tokens.
  • Winning against monsters in PVE mode for rewards.
  • Completing missions/quests on the metaverse.
  • Climbing the leaderboard.
  • Automatically staking NFTs (Fanatics, weapons, and crystals) to earn universe powers which in turn brings them $TRY tokens as staking rewards.
  • Providing liquidity to the metaverse in the form of stablecoins or LPTs to earn crystals that can be sold on NFT marketplaces.
  • Contributing to platform governance.
  • Receiving airdrops.

Staking with TryHards

They set up a staking program that puts your Fanatics and weapons to work for you. Your NFT tokens are immediately staked, and you can earn $TRY tokens. The universe’s staking power Introducing NFT Mining via Proof-of-Stake (POS), where you may earn rewards by putting your NFT to work.

The staking benefits you earn from the $TRY staking pool are determined by your base universe power. The Fanatic gains higher basic strength when a character becomes rarer. The NFT’s base universe strength rises when those characters level up. Fanatics of a higher level may be purchased from other players on the marketplace, or you can upgrade them yourself. The weapons and their unique NFTs work in the same way.

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