Introducing Ertha: A New Rapidly Growing NFT Project That Lets You Own Digital Land

The crypto industry has grown enough to now always have an active trend occupying its communities. However, these trends do not exist separately from one another, but rather, one tends to help produce the next one, or at least, they grow alongside one another quite deeply interconnected.

Last year, for example, the DeFi sector blew up, bringing decentralized finance under the spotlight. In 2021, the NFTs took over the spotlight, but plenty of projects started combining the two to create more interesting opportunities. Now, as the year is coming to an end, the Metaverse trend is slowly starting to become the dominant idea in the crypto industry, and it will likely be the dominant one in 2022.

However, its development is already progressing quite rapidly, and it is getting combined with NFT and DeFi alike. Take the Ertha project as an example — a new project that combines metaverse, DeFi, and NFT, all at once.

What is Ertha about?

Ertha is a first-ever metaverse project in DeFi, and it allows users to own NFT land and generate lifetime revenue. On top of that, it is a game ecosystem powered by its native cryptocurrency, the ERT token.

But, let’s start from the beginning, and explain how Ertha actually works. Essentially, it is a Heroes of Might and Magic game-type project that relies on similar economic, social, and MMO elements. The game revolves around exploration and investigation of its world, leveling up, selecting specializations, and generally, boosting the strength of your character, company, and country.

Not only that, but the game was also designed to replicate a real-life environment, which allows it to simulate the actions that people must perform in order to earn a living. 

The Ertha world is massive, consisting of 350,000 HEX land plots, all of which are available for purchase in the form of NFTs.

The NFTs themselves, as well as the ERT token itself, are based on Binance Smart Chain, where the project was built.

Benefits of owning land in Ertha

According to the project, purchasing land NFTs and owning some of its land comes with a number of unique benefits. In fact, the project has listed 10 of them, including:

  1. Inspiring economic and social growth
  2. Having political influence and the ability to manage the controlled territory with DeFi instruments
  3. Solving Territorial disputes & international conflicts will increase the NFT value
  4. Gaining governance rights
  5. Players get to choose where to live, study, or work and earn ERT tokens based on where they purchase land on the Ertha map
  6. Ertha digital metaverse is growing, and its growth will boost NFT value also
  7. Ertha land HEX features dozens of companies and players can pay taxes in ERT tokens
  8. Owners get to control a limited supply of highly valuable hexes
  9. Players get to participate in running their own politics and even reshape the borders of countries and take control of rare resources (Regardless of what country the HEX is in, it will still earn Passive income)
  10. Being a part of the first-ever DeFi metaverse that relies on NFTs

Ertha’s token sale

Ertha’s metaverse concluded its seed funding round about a month ago, in early October. The project attracted interest from venture capital, which is quite impressive, and it ended with an oversubscribed seed round. This is a major achievement, especially since three major venture capitalists won the competition for its tokens — X21, Momentum 6, and Terranova.

The seed round itself consisted of 5% of the token supply (2 billion units), and it was followed by a private round, which offered 20% of the total supply. Next, the public round will allow everyone to participate, offering only 2% of the total supply (40 million tokens). 25% of the supply will be used for development, 39% will be used for staking, and 9% will go to the project’s team and advisors.


Ertha project is new, unique, and a combination of all the major trends in crypto that have dominated the last 2 years, and will likely continue to dominate in the future. As such, the project has great potential to be extremely successful, which would boost the value of its token, its NFTs, and the project itself.