After Successful Igo – Cyball’s NFT Drop Sold Out Within a Minute and Hit Record-Breaking Trading Volume of $10m on Binance NFT

Launched on November 4, CyBall’s Genesis Packs IGO broke sales records across all platforms, selling out in under a minute, achieving $1.52 million in trading volume within the first hour and $10 million in the first seven days on Binance NFT.

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For the past few years, blockchain technology has been expanding rapidly. One of its most thriving industries is the NFT gaming industry, and Binance offers its Binance NFT on their platform, the very first and largest NFT Gamefi trading platform. By providing them access to current popular titles and upcoming releases from independent developers seeking funding through Initial Game Offering (IGO) listings on their site.

Binance ’s newest projects build what’s believed to be the ultimate collection gaming assets launchpad where anyone can buy their favorite NFTs. Bringing us closer than ever before in history as we explore what’s next on this journey into something completely new, the future generation of gaming Blockchain Gaming.

IGO Recap

The CyBall Genesis Pack has been an enormous success! a genesis Packs IGO launched on November 4 on Binance NFT, and it came with some impressive stats. Within one minute of releasing this new product to market. It recorded breaking sales throughout the platform; $ 1.52 million worth of trades were recorded. In addition, within just 7 days, CyBall has become one of the most famous names on OpenSea with a trading volume (~$10M) that would put them in 9th place, if not higher. Their sales have been record-breaking, and their prices continue to rise! All three types grew to 338% or more from initial prices. With this being the first project to achieve these accomplishments on Binance, it’s no wonder that CyBall has sparked so much excitement. The game is set to debut in December with an expected reception from their community and partners alike!

Binance’s Initial Game Offering, or IGO for short, is a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides fair and reasonable access to top-tier gaming projects with different types of in-game assets are offered to all participants via several drops. All IGOs have their dedicated landing pages before they go public that offer investors details about gameplay before they invest funds into these projects that will IGO launch.

The Binance NFT has been making its mark on the history books with another record-setting event. There is a fun fact that just 24 hours before their triple IGO for CyBall’s Genesis NFTs, GuildFi experienced an overwhelming demand during the whitelist process that caused their site to temporarily! The GuildFi community was excited to learn that the upgrade went smoothly, and all available whitelist spots were claimed within minutes. Thanks to the amazing community as well as Binance NFT and GuildFi, who have been created a big success of this event. 

The latest news about the next reveal event will be shared soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

About CyBall

CyBall – CyBloc Football is an NFT-based football game (in the USA, soccer) with a Play-to-Earn paradigm that enables players to collect, trade with, mentor, and eventually compete with CyBlocs. CyBlocs – Cyborgs on the Blockchain — are CyBall’s primary asset and in-game characters, and they are represented on the blockchain by NFTs. The game will first be launched on the Binance Smart Chain, and it will eventually make its way into the Solana ecosystem.

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