Real Realm is Redefining the GameFi Universe

Real Realm is coming to be a game-changer in the GameFi universe. Now, players have a platform to enjoy their favorite war strategy game while still enjoying many other benefits that come with it, without necessarily spending funds.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the gaming sector, with GameFi snowballing. NFTs are quickly being adopted, with gamers using them as collateral for doing transactions in the games. This has pushed gaming creators to be more innovative as the taste of players is getting more defined by the day. Real Realm is a Gamefi platform made with players in mind for the best experience.

Real Realm is a blockchain-based game that uses unique algorithms to ensure Free2Play and Play2Earn mechanisms. The platform features various war strategy modes. When players join the platform, they can collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their NFT heroes – the Mies. There are diverse NFTs, events, and battle modes for fun. The diversity ensures the Mies have distinctive features for the structure to be balanced. For the safety and transparency of the platform, all the transactions and Mies data are tracked and supervised using third parties.

The land in Real Realm is in the form of tokenized plots of land that yield the productivity of buildings and Mies. The game will launch with a mobile app (Android & Ios) first, then launch PC app.

The game has been made such that pioneers gain the most; hence players who join at the early stages have more to gain. All players who complete their achievements early will stand a chance to partake in the first airdrop of 3333 NFTs Mies worth $500 000. When a player finishes the fastest, they become a commander. When they finish all milestones of four random achievements, they get a reward of one NFT. There are a total of 12 achievements meaning a commander can get up to three NFTs.

Open to Everyone

Real Realm platform is an all-inclusive platform that ensures no player is left behind. Even the free-to-play players can stand a chance to compete for winning the NFTs. They can do this through events and later join the notable battles done by mightly warriors.

There are different events one can participate in. There are occasional events that occur according to month throughout the year. During occasional events, all participating players will get their rewards based on the milestones they have achieved. Real token holders are the ones who will vote for the rewards and rules for occasional games. The rewards given are generally in the form of in-game assets and SSR Mies. Special events are also similar to occasional events, only that they occur randomly and do not have a set time. In special events, players have to participate in recruitment activities to be eligible for SP Mies. In special events, the rewards are in-game assets, SP Mies, and Real tokens.

Real Realm’s mission was to create a game with inflation in mind to balance play-to-earn and free-to-play players. This is made possible by unique mechanisms. Contrary to expectation, regardless of the type of player, all players can contribute to the game economy. When the inflow and outflow are balanced, it minimizes inflation.

The goal of the Real Realm universe is to create an environment owned and developed by the community through decentralization. This ensures that users can benefit from fairness in governance, balance, and stability. Community-driven mechanisms provide stable game development.

More About Real Token

The REAL Token fuels the Real Realm Universe. It is the primary token used for purchasing NFTs, governance, and an entryway for permissions for special events and tournaments. The token is used for voting, staking, trading, and recruiting high-class Mies.

When it comes to in-game purchases, diamonds are the main currency used. Diamonds can also be used in speeding up time-based mechanisms such as upgrading Mies. Players can also use it for recharging energy for battles.

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to spend funds to enjoy the game. Free-to-play players can earn enormously if they diligently complete tasks and contribute to the game’s ecosystem. They can earn from referrals and social media engagement. There is the battle farming option where they can farm NFTin free-to-play battle modes and exchange it in the market for real tokens, NFTs, and diamonds. They have the possibility of renting NFTs from veteran players and earning a commission from it. Entry-level players can join hands with veterans by pairing their NFTs for rewards.

The Real Realm team has many exciting features in store. Currently, the team is working on officially launching its IDO on the 23rd of November will take place on BSC Station and KiaStarter. It will be an excellent opportunity to be part of the platform as an early bird for more rewards.

About Real Realm

Real Realm is a blockchain-based gaming platform that uses unique algorithms to ensure Free-to-Earn mechanisms. The platform features various war strategy games and a diverse way to earn. The universe is made with everyone in mind such that no one is sidelined. Even free-to-play players have many ways to earn.