Bitrise Is Better than Safemoon in Top 3 Reasons

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  • Offers innovative and attractive tokenomics.
  • Fast project building accomplishment than Safemoon.
  • Offers attractive staking rewards.

Bitrise, a Defi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, has recently made big moves that have made it the most talked-about crypto project in safemoon community. The coin has just announced the staking process, which the team has confirmed will launch by the end of November. This is currently the hottest topic in the crypto market today.

The recent moves by Bitrise coin are making the crypto community compare it with other Defi projects and, more so Safemoon project. Despite Safemoon being almost five months older than Bitrise, the latter has accomplished so much in less than four months. This is what is making it one of the biggest Safemoon competitors in DeFi.

Safemoon has just upgraded its protocol with the widely anticipated Safemoon V2 protocol, but there are questions on whether the upgrade will be better than Bitrise. However, the comparison is based on elements that can help determine the most viable crypto project. Recent developments at Bitrise have shown the coin will still be the most preferred investors’ choice because of a number of reasons. The accomplishment made by the team in less than four months, compared to Safemoon, is one of the appealing aspects of this DeFi project. The team has so far accomplished what will take Safemoon a while.

Already, the Bitrise ecosystem has Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet. These are products that are already running. The team has announced the development of their centralized exchanged, which will be coming soon.

But the biggest accomplishment that has made Bitrise seem better than Safemoon is the launch of the staking process. The attractive staking rewards are catching the attention of even large cryptocurrency community members who have been joining the project in thousands, The staking process is coming up by the end of November, and the most exciting thing is the attractive token staking rewards. The platform will be distributing 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products on the Bitrise ecosystem to the staked tokens.

With Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet running on the ecosystem, the revenue to be generated will be huge. The launch staking process is making Safemoon look inferior. It has made Bitrise attract even Safemoon community members.

Bitrise coin tokenomics has also been another aspect of the project that’s making it appear superior to Safemoon. Unlike Safemoon, the platform is burning bought-back tokens automatically. In addition to that, Bitrise has a more efficient reward system for holding tokens, unlike Safemoon.

BRISE token holders are receiving 4% of the 12% tax on all transactions directly into their wallets as BNBs, every 60 minutes. Holding token rewards has been one of the most exciting tokenomics and continues to attract many crypto investors joining this coin.

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