Breaking: Elon Musk Lashes Out at Binance CEO Over Dogecoin (DOGE) Customer Handling

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Elon Musk, the richest man on earth and a well-known Dogecoin (DOGE) proponent has come out in defense of the community against Binance. The global crypto exchange recently put a 2-week withdrawal freeze for the meme currency after a software glitch in the exchange platform executed a large number of Doge transactions from a year ago.

Musk has lashed out at the CEO of the world’s largest exchange, calling his Dogecoin customer handling shady. The shady dealing Musk is referring to is related to several Binance users who have claimed that the exchange initiated several DOGE transactions from their account without their consent and now the exchange is asking for those Dogecoins which are not reflected in the user’s accounts.

Many customers have claimed to receive an email from the exchange which threatens to suspend the withdrawal function if the user doesn’t return the said amount of DOGE. Dogecoin developers reportedly reached out to Binance to resolve the issue and claimed the glitch triggered old transactions from years ago that were stuck due to low fees.

Earlier, Peter Brandt, the veteran trader had a similar response to one of Changpeng Zhao’s tweets where he accused the crypto platform of unethical practices as well. When one of the users enquired about Brandt’s uncharacteristic response to a harmless tweet, he said,

“Actually was in Corn pit. Well aware of the abuses of the auction markets. But my gripe vs. crypto exchanges goes far deeper than bad fills – it deals with trading against customer orders way outside the daily range and not reporting the price discovery. We’d have been jailed”


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