Building Startups for the Future: DAO Maker Backed Gaming Firm Raises $2M in Funding

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If innovation is the heart of a business, capital is its backbone. Without proper funds, there is little to nothing that a business can achieve, making fundraising the most important part of a business. But unfortunately, raising funds isn’t a cakewalk. This is especially true for the DeFi industry where competition is high and venture capitalists are still in doubt about its future. 

So to turn things around and make fundraising a tad bit more easy for startups, emerged DAO Maker, a decentralized launchpad that brings retail investors into the venture capital game. 

With the right use of blockchain technology, DAO Maker brings millions of retail investors onto a single platform where they can pool funds and help create futuristic startups for the DeFi ecosystem. In this context, MetaGaming Guild (MGG), a play-to-earn gaming platform backed by DAO Maker managed to raise over $2 million in a recently conducted funding round. This funding round saw the participation of renowned angel investors and companies in the blockchain gaming space and was led by DAO Maker and Ice Tea Labs. 

These funds will be directed towards the developmental efforts to build one of the most advanced play-to-earn ecosystems. Apart from an enticing gaming platform, MGG is also building an NFT yield generator that offers NFT staking. Users of the platform can buy or rent in-game resources as NFTs to worldwide gamers and earn a sustainable yield. 

This unique vision attracted traction from the market and since its early days has seen steady growth, maintaining a 50% MoM growth rate. A major part of this growth can be attributed to DAO Maker’s backing and the advanced tools it provides to startups. As of writing, this emergent gaming ecosystem has already managed to bag over 10,000 gamers. 

DAO Maker is now home to a plethora of such unique startups with market caps of companies raised on this platform touching $6.8 billion. By bringing retail investors to the venture capital market, DAO Maker is poised to transform the DeFi and GameFi industries. 

Venture Capital for Retail Investors 

With the absence of retail investors in venture capital, the market has become a monopoly. While it creates new startups every year, this venture capital market is also quite notorious for pushing potential startups into oblivion. The pressure venture-backed businesses face to scale quickly and the unfair acquisitions that follow have created a startup ecosystem that focuses on profits instead of innovations. 

To end this monopoly, we need retail investors in the venture capital market and it seems as though DAO Maker is among the first few platforms to achieve this feat. DAO Maker uses the security, transparency, and decentralization native to blockchain technology to democratize and revive the venture capital market. Realizing that individual retail investors have varying risk appetites, DAO Maker has created investment products that cater to all risk types. Its signature product venture bond is a near-zero risk investment product that can bring in really high returns for investors. 

But of course, apart from investors, DAO Maker also caters to the growing needs of startups. Instead of being a mere fundraising platform, DAO Maker aims for the holistic development of startups. Each startup on this platform is equipped with a whole suite of tools that give it the best shot at success. Social Mining, dTeams, and Yield Shield are the most popular tools in DA Maker’s tech stack. These SaaS-based solutions take care of everything from building a team and community to simplifying liquidity acquisition. Startups using DAO Maker’s tech stack are worth more than $16.2 billion on the whole. 

Building the Future of DeFi

The future of DeFi is highly dependent on the innovations and startups that come out of this space. Startups that solve real problems and proceed with long-term visions are crucial for this space. This is why we need platforms like DAO Maker to ensure that startups with potential are not pushed into oblivion by the monopoly. DAO Maker secures the future of DeFi by ensuring that innovative startups are able to survive and thrive. Along with this, it also opens up the door for millions of investors to contribute to the growth of DeFi and take a share of the profit.

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