Spool Announces Fair Launch LBP for Customized Yield Optimization

Source : coinquora.com

  • Spool DAO announced the Fair Launch for Spool on December 13 at 17:00 UTC.
  • Fair Launch will run on a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool via the Copper Platform.
  • The event will consist of two tokens: SPOOL and DAI.

Spool DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization consisting of over 40 leading DeFi investment firms and project founders, including F2Pool, Genesis Block Ventures, JRR Group, DFG, DigiStrats, CMS, Barnbridge, and Faculty Group, has announced the Fair Launch for Spool on December 13 at 17:00 UTC. The middleware protocol enables the creation of custom, diversified, and risk-managed DeFi portfolios that can be tailored to user preferences.

Spool meets a need for easy and accessible yield optimization. It presents a novel solution to the Ethereum ecosystem where users can combine farming in multiple DeFi strategies via a single deposit. The funds in these farms are dynamically rebalanced to optimize for yield & risk.

“I look forward to Spool helping me allocate funds automatically and cleverly, and using algorithms, instead of hard work, to increase profits and reduce risks,” said F2Pool’s Shixing ‘Discus Fish’ Mao.

Entry is cheaper via using a buffer system and transaction batching, thereby allowing users to enjoy diversified DeFi portfolios at a similar cost to a single Uniswap transaction.

“Spool’s middleware solution allows us to create custom strategies that can be integrated into DeFi applications via SDKs. As a fund that is actively ‘farming’ and holding a firm interest in DeFi, this is a toolset that we believe has been missing from the market and we look forward to deploying Spool to provide superior risk-mitigated outcomes for our fund strategies,” said Genesis Block Ventures’ Leslie Tam.

At the same time, the middleware toolkit is designed to act as a primitive, or DeFi lego block, that can be combined with other solutions to create better user-facing products and act as the foundation to a growing DeFi ecosystem.

“Ultimately, Spool is an innovative idea being delivered by a sophisticated team of builders. It represents a productive solution for a foundational problem in DeFi and offers a user-oriented product path guided by an excellent governance model,” said JRR Group’s Bowen Zhao

The Fair Launch event for Spool will run on a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) via theCopper platform. It will consist of a two-token pool with SPOOL and DAI. The LBP will start at a pool weight of SPOOL:DAI equal to 96:4 and will gradually shift on a linear step-down to SPOOL:DAI weight of 50:50 over the 3-day period, creating downward pressure on the price. Spool will be distributing up to 5% of the SPOOL token total supply with a starting price of 2.44 DAI.Spool is a composable and permissionless DeFi liquidity router that connects Capital Aggregators with DeFi Yield Generators to dynamically, automatically, and efficiently allocate funds and ensure optimized yields, for custom strategies, managed by DAO-curated Risk Models