Aladdin Exchange Demo Trading Feature Set to Go Live, Makes Trading Easy to Learn

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Aladdin exchange, a state-of-the-art crypto platform with over 2 million active users, will launch its demo trading platform on Monday, November 29, 2021, at 10 AM (GMT+4). This feature will enable users to experience trading without making any deposits and losing any digital asset. 

The demo trading feature aligns with Aladdin Exchange’s vision in promoting crypto trading to the general public. Through the platform, budding traders can develop new strategies and tactics that would make them confident enough to enter the world of crypto trading, without any financial loss.

Aladdin’s demo trading platform is very easy to use. Traders just need to create or log in to their accounts and then click the ‘Start Demo Trading’ button below the ‘Support Center’ tab. After doing this step, the system will automatically provide demo trading balances only available for demo trade. In detail, the demo balance includes 1 BTC, 1 ETH, 1,000 USDT, 10 BCH, 1,000 ABBC, 10 LTC, 10,000 TNC, 100 GERA, 1,000 PLF, 1,000 HMR, and 1,000 CHLT.

Upon logging in, traders can also access the demo platform’s pairing list, main trading chart, order book, market trades, and the general transaction history. In addition, users can easily switch to real trading anytime they want.  

On the other hand, the demo trading platform of Aladdin Exchange is not just for newbies in the crypto industry. This can also be used by advanced and seasoned traders who want to try out their new strategies without losing funds.




Meanwhile, the new demo trading feature truly helps many novice traders in the crypto space. However, it should be noted that this feature does not secure any success in real-world trading. This feature is mostly created to expose new users to the world of trading so that they can develop great strategies that they can use in real trading. 

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Aladdin exchange is a Dubai-based crypto exchange platform. The exchange provides state of the art technology and security that ensures the safety of our users and investors. Our services enable all kinds of crypto users and investors to maximize their trading and investing potential. 

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