Future Altcoin Leader VeChain (VET) Sees Bullish Signals

Source : coinquora.com

  • HODLers await a massive crypto market recovery.
  • FXStreet explains how VeChain (VET) is setting itself up to be an altcoin market leader.
  • VET price will see a trifecta of bullish breakouts.

Presently, the crypto market looks to be in turmoil. Like always, every market has its up and down days, and the greatest ups come soon after the most astounding downs. According to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, the market is struggling as of now.

However, many long-term holders, seasoned investors, and expert crypto analysts are still HODLing for their long-awaited crypto bulls. For instance, many expect the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to surpass $100,000 by Christmas time.

Similarly, many expect the price of altcoins to follow suit. For example, many expect the price of Ethereum (ETH) to surpass $10,000 soon. Likewise, here is FXStreet’s prediction for the price of VeChain (VET) to skyrocket.

In detail, the article speaks of how VET price is developing a trifecta of bullish breakouts. In fact, it talks about certain conditions that point to a significant drive higher. Specifically, the article stresses how VeChain will eventually become a leader in the altcoin market.

Currently, the price of VET is set for a huge bear trap. This will soon yield a spike of over 80%. This means that the time for existing and future short-sells will be over. To emphasize, the article highlights three main reasons on how VET will achieve this breakthrough.

In particular, the article mentions how VeChain is in a unique position to make the best of three powerful bullish signals. This comes from its Point and Figure chart. Right now, all three signals are set to trigger upon VeChain hitting the entry of the hypothetical long setup.

These three signals begin with the entry at $0.128. This will trigger an ascending triple-top breakout, confirm a Bear Trap Point and Figure pattern, and finally break the dominant bear market angle which will convert VET into a bull market.

Indeed, it will be quite a spectacle to see how the price of VeChain will play out in the next couple of days. On the positive, the price could go over $0.21. In contrast, the downside risk could take the price down to $0.07.