Kasta App Mentioned LIVE on Fox Business, Launching In 2022

Source : coinquora.com

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  • CMO Carl was interviewed on FOX Business.
  • Carl explained how Kasta can help Bitcoin become a medium of exchange.
  • Kasta app going live in January 2022.

Recently, Co-founder, and CMO of Kasta, Carl was interviewed live on FOX Business and millions of people witnessed as he explained the concept of the Kasta app. In addition, during the interview, Carl explains how Kasta helps bitcoin become a medium of exchange.

According to Carl, this will not happen to any projects in the history of crypto. He added: “this probably never happened or very rare to startups like features in FOX business.” Carl noted:

Specifically they called me in to talk about Charlie Munger talking bad about Bitcoin, and Michael Saylor saying that Bitcoin is a store value not a medium of exchange and that’s when I took the opportunity to tell the viewers that Bitcoin is a store of value as soon as we fix a second layer on top of Bitcoin then we can actually make Bitcoin a medium of exchange.

In addition, FOX Business asked Carl on live air, “when can Bitcoin become a medium of exchange?” Carl answered Bitcoin will become a world reserve currency within 20 years. But, Bitcoin will become a medium of exchange in January when the Kasta app is live.

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