Starly Raises a Whopping $6.125M in Pre-IDO Funding Round

  • Starly raises $6.125 million after a fruitful pre-IDO funding round and partnerships.
  • The launch of its STARLY token IDO will take place on DAO Maker on December 20.
  • STARLY token listing on a tier 1 DEX will be announced on December 21st.

Non fungible token (NFT) marketplace for gamified collections and launchpad, Starly announces that it has closed its pre-IDO funding round, raising $6.125 million. The team disclosed that major global investors participated, led by leading the blockchain investment and advisory firm, Spartan Group.

Starly is a launchpad and marketplace that enables users to collect and exchange NFTs, bringing to the fore a gamified ecosystem where collectors can buy and sell their assets in turn to complete valuable collections.

To elaborate, Dapper Labs,  Animoca Brands, LD Capital, Double Peak,, and high-profile angels including Marat Kichikov, managing partner at BitFury Group, were some of the most notable investors in the funding event.

Kelvin Koh, co-founder, partner, and CIO of lead investor Spartan Capital stated his view on Starly. He says that the Spartan group views Starly, with its unique mechanism for creators to create NFT collections, as part of the broader trend of NFT creation and collection becoming more accessible to mainstream audiences.

Marat Kichiknov, Managing Partner at the BitFury Group and Starly advisor adds on’

The NFT market is one of the fastest-growing out there. It will revolutionize a lot of things we use today. The Starly team has a clear vision on how to utilise the technology and build an innovative experience, emphasising the collection phenomenon. Starly connects creators and collectors, helping non-crypto users benefit from the technology. I’m pleased to support the team with my investment and join as advisor.

Since its inception in September, Starly has amassed more than $750,000 in sales and has also become a strategic partner of the renowned brandFlow Fest. As a result of this partnership, Starly was able to host its famous “Mystery Pack Giveaway” which attracted over 70,000 users.

Starly confirms that its collaboration with Flow Fest involves building an internal marketplace on Starly that will facilitate Flow’s partners to exchange NFTs. Similarly, Starly has as well received a grant from the creator of the Flow blockchain, Dapper Labs.

All in all, the launch of Starly native token, STARLY is the next big thing for the brand given the successful fundraising and partnerships. The IDO is scheduled to occur onDAO Maker on December 20, then a listing on a tier 1 DEX[1]  will follow on December 21, 2021.