Stay Ahead of the Market With Coinradr, the All-In-One DeFi Solution

The Coinradr is a set of incredible tools that will help you remain ahead of the market. Coinradr is a one-stop-shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. From a single app, you can keep track of everything.

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The cryptocurrency market is now valued at more than 2 trillion dollars. This exponential rise demonstrates a rapid demand of crypto goods. In the coming years, it is expected that more than 50 trillion dollars in fiat reserves would be invested in various crypto assets.

The influx of fiat funds into crypto has spawned an explosive range of new DeFi products, Insurance, NFTs, Lending, Multichain, Metaverse, and a lot of other intriguing use cases. The crypto space, on the other hand, is experiencing chaos in its avalanche of activities, and as technologies, use cases, ecosystems, tokens, and coins evolve on a daily basis, we can only expect unpredictable eruptions in these numerous packets of data points. If these data points are not appropriately aggregated, they might have a negative impact on both investors and traders.

Poor aggregated data management will lead to the following outcomes: Very poor `decisions, Value depreciation, Failure to meet objectives, and Investment losses. As these niches evolve into Crypto assets, there is a growing need for an all-in-one solution to manage these growing crypto evolutionary needs. Furthermore, the average cost of managing these data points may be too much for the user to bear. As a result, CoinRadr was born as a fantastic solution.

About Coinradr

Coinradr is a cutting-edge encrypted coin tracking and trading tool that gives you a competitive advantage in the cryptocurrency market. CoinRadr is the first Blockchain-based DeFi solution that offer a comprehensive all-in-one DeFi experience. CoinRadr has a number of incredible tools that provide a completely new experience and empower crypto-asset owners with unique and powerful capabilities.


  • Earn Daily Profit Yields: Perform certain tasks with the applications to win daily token incentives from app yields.
  • High APY Alerts: Invest in the highest and safest APYs from multiple pools on decentralized exchanges to grow your money. 
  • Portfolio Analytics: The profit and loss status of individual assets is displayed in a consistent manner.
  • News Alerts: Receive breaking and trending news from project teams and prominent online media outlets in real time.
  • Anti Pump & Dump Alert: delivers a unique algorithm for detecting pump and dump coins quickly. This prevents investment losses owing to bad or erroneous decisions made by traders and investors.
  • Crypto Asset Analytics: a one-stop menu for quick access to all features This makes it simple to find a gem project, check the health of the coin/token, and get instant feedback to help with investment decisions.
  • Meme Tokens: Memes have ushered in a new era of adoption. This category lists the most popular meme currencies based on social engagement data, as well as their market valuation.
  • NFTs & Metaverse: Keep track of the most valuable NFTs and Metaverse tokens. 
  • Trading Signal: The team of professionals provides day and long hodl gem coins/tokens Indicators. Trading these signals might  increase your funds by up to 1000 percent.
  • Dapps Browser: Connect your offline wallets to decentralized exchanges for immediate access. You can exchange your preferred tokens and make token swaps.
  • Launchpad: For incubator projects, seed rounds, private sales, and public rounds, there is an onboarding menu. You can invest in the top start-ups and earn a fair return on your money.
  • News: Not missing any top trending news on their radar.
  • CoinRadr Socials: By looking at prominent influencers’ social engagements, you may learn about the hottest crypto debates and trending tokens.
  • Whale Alert: When the whales (largest investors) acquire or sell a portion or all of their assets, you should be aware.
  • Import & Export Analytics Data: Using the sign in profile features, you can effortlessly import your app details. You may make and sync your own personalized setups in the app. Reports can be exported in a variety of formats.
  • Exchange Synchronization: CoinRadr also supports the top five exchanges with the same sync speed and uses encrypted data to protect user information. Due to CoinRadr’s design architectural integrated security, this feature is virtually guaranteed. This concept also represents a fresh approach to the much-desired user data security.

Core Advantage

Coinradr keeps you ahead of the market thanks to its primary advantages over other industry competitors:

  • Messaging Security
  • Trading Flexible
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Data Security
  • Instant Trade
  • Multi-Wallet Compatibility
  • Top Exchange Synchronization

Target Market

Coinradr was created with the intention of serving a large number of clients. Regardless of who you are or what your primary interest is, you will find Coinradr to be a useful tool in your work. If you are one of the following user types that Coinradr is currently serving, consider count yourself in with Coinradr:

  • Crypto Investors 
  • Fundamentalists
  • Traders
  • News Media
  • Whales Groups
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Centralized Exchanges
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Seed Investors
  • Liquidity Providers
  • Market Makers
  • Technical Analysts
  • Crypto Newbies

Project Tokenomics

The $RDR Token is the central currency that powers CoinRadr’s whole ecosystem. It will be used to reward staking for long-term DPY rewards. It will use the app’s dApp browser to drive all ulies for payments. 

The $RDR tokens will be used to pay for in-app ads. Launchpad listings and incubator subscriptions will be driven by the $RDR token. The $RDR token will be used for all premium paid content subscriptions. Users of the APP are rewarded in $RDR for their actions and contributions to the ecosystem’s growth. $RDR will be used to power all NFTs and Metaverse ulies in the ecosystem.

Token Sale

Private Sale 

2% of Total Supply: 2M $RDR 

Tokens Price: 1BNB – 40,000 $RDR

Public Sale

5% of Total Supply: 5M $RDR 

Tokens Price: 1BNB – 5,000 $RDR

Project Roadmap

Q4 2021

Formation of the core projects technical Public Sales team, ecosystem ideas and legal framework.

Domain registered and website created.

Private sales rounds and seed rounds for first me investors.

Unveiling of Partners and VC Backers (private Investors only)

Social media tasks & Marketing schedule

Marketing campaign

Publishing of Lite Paper

Public Sales

Token Integration and testing with Dex

Exchange Listing: Pancakeswap

Q1 2022

Staking pool BNB/RDR 


Portfolio Manager V1.0

Top five exchanges Integration

Offline mode Integration

Wallet integration

Reports Integration

Alert Notification System 

Performance Testing 

Marketing campaign & Airdrop

Listing: CEX

Q2 2022

Multi-Language Integration

Day and night mode

App Interface stabilization 

Auto-reconnect for exchange API’s

Speed improvement

Design V2

Exchange Listings

Q3 2022

Price limit Integration

Coinradr Swap – test launch

Coinradr pad – test launch

Coinradr Trading bot – test launch

Chain tab Integration (eth, Solana, bsc, fantom, terra)

Exchange Listings

Q4 2022

Signals tab

Social module / Referral System integration

Airdrop 2.0 Distribution

Coinradr Swap – launch 

Coinradr pad – launch

Coinradr Trading bot – launch

Fee system for Portfolio Premium Features

NFT & Metaverse integrations

Multiple exchange Listing

Meet the Team

The CoinRadr team consists of DeFi, Trading, and Cryptocurrency Technology professionals. In addition, the team has created techniques, models, and solutions to assist profit traders and investors. The team is utilizing these technologies to develop a holistic ecosystem that gives the best DeFi experience all in one app, thanks to the extraordinary advancement in Blockchain technology.

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