KRRX: the Key to Crypto-Fiat Ecosystem is on public sale

Press Release

What is it and how it works

Kyrrex, a global investing, payment, and financial ecosystem and the world’s first digital bank, has been listing its own token on HitBTC since 30 of November. Why you should check it:

What is Kyrrex?   

Launched in 2018 by Viktor Kochetov & Mykhail Romanenko, a crypto-fiat ecosystem Kyrrex has become a wide set of products and services. Kyrrex is a helpful and secure instrument for users who work with digital assets daily. Today, its main product is Kyrrex Crypto Exchange, where various cryptocurrency transactions are performed.

  • License. Kyrrex has received the highest Virtual Finance Asset (VFA) license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This has positioned the company in a way where they can provide services to investors with full confidence that users’ funds are safe.
  • With the Class 4 VFA license, Kyrrex is able to serve its customers varied crypto-related products and offerings like a trading program, a deposit program, crypto payment services, as well as crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto exchange.
  • KRRX Token. KRRX token implies different conditions for interacting with Kyrrex services and functions, it provides exclusive benefits for all KRRX holders.
  • KRRX token is listed on HitBTC as was mentioned at the beginning. It’s Kyrrex first exchange for listing, and in the nearest future they’re going to announce other agreements with other famous exchanges. 
  • Lock and release: the platform will lock the remaining 30% of the tokens for 4 years with subsequent releases every 6 months and availability on the platform.
  • Use of Funds: Kyrrex will allocate the raised funds for the development of ecosystem products, marketing, legal support for obtaining licenses in the new regions, as well as insurance funds. The mentioned categories will account for 45%, 35% and 10%.

Finally, Kyrrex & KRRX key features:

  • The Social Trading feature will enable users to follow other traders at a fixed fee. The payment methods are fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, or KRRX tokens.
  • The Multi-Account Management will include the trading services of a manager or a trader in exchange for the share of the profit made.
  • The Referral Program will offer bonuses after a user attracts 3 or more of their peers.
  • The Online Banking feature expected in the fourth quarter of 2022 will offer a 20% cash back and 3% on card transactions. Users who pass verification on the exchange will be receiving 20 KRRX tokens.

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