Gains Network gTrade Partners With DefiLlama, Smashes $1B Trading Volume

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  • gTrade has been listed on the DefiLlama network.
  • gTrade officially exceeds over $1 billion trading volume.

The crypto world keeps developing its network to stay competitive against its competitors. Recently, gTrade, a trading platform of the Gains Network, has been listed on the DefiLlama network. This partnership between the two companies enables them to provide a new level of crypto experience to all its users in the community.

Aside from these achievements, the exchange also successfully smashed over $1 billion trading volume with 22% of the total supply burnt. This aggressive performance of the exchange happened since the v5 upgrade that occurred two months ago. Through this, we can say that the network has attained a lot of progress in a short period of time.

The exchange added in the tweet post that users can expect more developments in the future.  Therefore, the network encourages its users to stay tuned and follow their social media and network websites for updates.

On the other hand, gTrade is just one example of exchanges in the crypto space that keeps upgrading its platform to provide a seamless experience to all its users. The Binance exchange is also a network in the space that never stops providing new features for its users to enjoy their trading activities.

Meanwhile, the crypto industry is now being acknowledged by many countries and companies around the world. As a result, the need for good crypto exchanges that could provide a seamless way for users to buy, sell and trade virtual assets are on the rise.

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