Most Promising IDO Launchpads For Crypto Investors In 2022




The simple truth in the Crypto industry is that the true winners are the early adopters. There’s no downside to investing in promising projects early; it’s a surefire way to win big. However, identifying good projects at an early stage is difficult. Several people have missed out on 100X projects because they were unsure whether it was the right project for them to invest in.

 Is it possible to identify early-stage crypto projects before they become mainstream? Yes, we can invest in promising projects early, thanks to Crypto Launchpads. Launchpads make it simple for investors to get in on promising crypto projects in their early stages. Early adopters that invest in a project during the pre-sale phase profit from the product’s price increase as it grows. Top crypto launchpads have a thorough verification and screening process in place to protect investors’ hard-earned money from “rug-pulls” and frauds. 

Top crypto launchpads have a thorough verification and screening process in place to protect investors’ hard-earned money from “rug-pulls” and scams. In this article, we’ll talk about the best IDO launchpads for crypto investors in 2022. Let’s get started!


SkyLaunch is an IDO platform that aims to move away from the traditional paradigm of IDO launchpads as merely a fundraising model by offering all essential support, tools, and resources for projects listed on its site before and after the IDO. Instead, SkyLaunch’s business model is more akin to an IDO accelerator, as it was established to assure that projects would be successful once their IDO round was over. 




SkyLaunch is a multi-chain launchpad platform that supports a variety of EVM chains. SkyLaunch will first launch on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. SkyLaunch would also create a governing council to undertake due diligence on projects featured on the site and adequately verify them. The Governance Council would be made up of unbiased blockchain experts who would protect investors against dubious projects and act as a second line of defense. Synergia Capital VC Fund is a notable investor of SkyLaunch. This reputable investment fund assists in providing funds for high-quality projects that have the best chance of succeeding on the platform.


Polkastarter, launched in 2020, is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that uses IDOs to link early-stage enterprises with investors. Polkadot’s launchpad platform is built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, allowing new enterprises to raise liquidity. Polkastarter aims to set a new standard for Crypto launchpads by enabling users to generate funds in a secure and transparent environment, thanks to its scalable Polkadot network. Polkadot has a unique feature in that it allows for cross-chain swaps, which can enhance throughput for faster and cheaper transactions while also providing liquidity via the Ethereum Network and other blockchains. 

Polkastarter also contains unique features such as permissionless listings, smart contract-based token exchanges, password-protected private pools, whitelisting, and price alerts for significant slippage. As a result, users may invest in projects with the best chance of succeeding, knowing that Polkastarter has conducted a thorough screening process to verify that the project they are participating in is not a scam.


BSCpad is the first decentralized IDO platform dedicated solely to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) initiatives, benefiting all token holders and allowing for fair launches, allowing traders of all sizes to participate in the network’s most promising DeFi projects. The BSCPad is developing a decentralized launch platform that will enable investors to choose between a lottery tier and a guaranteed allocation tier. If investors win the lottery, they will be assured a spot in the platform’s two-round IDO mechanism. The BSCPad aims to make crypto and DeFi initiatives easier to raise funds. BSCPad has devised a solution to the core dilemma of first come, first served, in which automated bots may quickly fill whitelist slots in current launchpads.
The BSCPad is distinguished by a two-round procedure that ensures an allocation to each tier level. As a result, there are no first-come, first-served, or bots; instead, all participants receive equally dispersed rewards. 

TrustSwap Launchpad

The TrustSwap Launchpad is a full-service IDO launchpad where users can easily access the most promising crypto projects and invest in them. TrustSwap allows users to stake 4000 SWAP tokens, the platform’s native token, to get in early on promising projects, thanks to its dedicated community. The innovative SmartLocks solution from TrustSwap helps launchpad projects maintain their integrity and transparency. SmartLocks technology also assists teams and early stakers in safeguarding and securely locking tokens. 

Before a panel of blockchain specialists authorizes a project published on the TrustSwap Launchpad, it goes through a series of screening steps.

Furthermore, by locking liquidity, TrustSwap Launchpad helps prevent rug pull and token dump after launch.   The transparency of the projects’ vesting schedule significantly reduces the possibility of token dumping and rug-pulling, both of which have harmed token prices. In addition, the first 20% of each stakeholder’s allotment is released at launch, with the rest released hourly.


It is a well-known reality in the cryptocurrency industry that investors lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year. This fact clearly shows that most investors do not win big in cryptocurrency because they bet on the wrong horse. Crypto Launchpads serve as conduits for investors’ funds directed to appropriate and promising projects. Launchpads also increase confidence and allow legitimate and promising projects to raise funds to accelerate their development. The IDO platforms featured here can assist users in investing in profitable and promising projects, thereby adding enormous value to the crypto community.

It is critical to remember that this is not financial advice; instead, use this list to do your research and reach your conclusions on the best IDO to choose.