WitLink Commences Development Of All Sectors




The ICO of WitLink is currently ongoing with the platform having already surpassed its soft cap. The project has already raised close to $28 million and development of the project has commenced already.

The community of WitLink is growing rapidly even as tech experts are being onboarded on a daily basis onto the platform. The project is on its way to bringing together the best AI technologists, big data and computing power suppliers, investors, volunteers on a single, global, unified platform to make better AI solutions more accessible, cheaper, and easy for a wide range of customers, accelerate its development and create a global marketplace for AI solutions.

Engagements from different sectors on collaborative goals on AI trends through cyber security councils, education, and awareness partnership. RoboAds utilizing the latest trends in AI, Machine learning, Analytics, and online merge offline data to provide their clients with an exceptional cloud computing platform, also creating partnerships with aesthetic Devices and medical Cobots with these collaborations we are able to meet a speedy fundraising campaign because every sector surely need AI.

WitLink Ready is designed for companies seeking pre-built AI solutions or one-off projects. WitLink Ready features top-of-the-line AI-powered solutions for various industries, along with customizations available as per client requirements. WitLink ready allows clients to add the power of AI to their existing technology infrastructure without having to install expensive IT computing resources, hire AI experts, and maintenance staff.

WitLink has already explored a couple of industry sectors to provide pre-built AI solutions for these sectors, which include travel & tourism, Healthcare, Retail & E-commerce, Food Tech, Banking & Financial Services, Entertainment & Gaming, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Cybersecurity, Construction, etc. WitLink will also partner with some startups that have access to some of these huge data that will enable us to improve the nature of our solutions to a greater extent ensuring a high level of efficiency. 




WitLink is getting strongly grounded in the Travel sector, with access to some of these startups with huge data that would help us explore the trends in corporate and leisure travel even better as we look to unveil a couple of solutions like; Facial recognition algorithms, Robots For Face-to-Face Customer Services, Room Mapping + Dynamic Price Tracking, Smart Baggage Handling, etc. for the Travel sector. Other sectors are not left out as intensive research is ongoing exploring all the data we can lay our hands on to develop solutions that would revolutionize these sectors too. 

The WitLink Mission

WitLink aims to address the talent gap in the cutting-edge technology space, expensive and insecure computing resources, limited training programs for AI, ML aspirants and make AI experts/solutions/computing power readily available to enterprises of all sizes, correcting a culture where big tech firms control this field. 

Anyone can contribute to the WitLink project, either with know-how and expertise or with resources, mining, or staking tokens circulating in the ecosystem to fund the operations within all the actors.

How can people join WitLink today?

In conclusion, WitLink is building the ultimate platform where seasoned AI developers and software engineers meet customers, businesses, miners, etc., where individuals can broaden their knowledge in different AI skills sets and also where businesses and developers can purchase computing resources and AI solutions.

To participate in the crowd sale of the WitlinkAI Tokens (WAI), sign up on their website https://witlink.ai and follow the steps.

For more information, write to [email protected] 

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