Timechain Introduces Farming & Liquidity Protocols On Its TimechainSwap DEX

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On its TimechainSwap DEX, Timechain, a decentralized exchange aggregator and permissionless lending and borrowing protocol, has added AMM liquidity pools, yield farming, and staking features.

On the Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum blockchains, TimechainSwap is best recognized as a DEX aggregator that links to a variety of DEXs into a single platform, allowing users to identify the most economical switching routes across each integrated platform.

It’s also developing its own DEX, with DeFi features aimed at supplying liquidity, promoting its native TCS token, and promoting other tokens that want to use its infrastructure.

Staking, yield farming, and liquidity provisioning are all necessary elements for a successful DEX, as they let users earn passive income while safeguarding the network and confirming transactions.

The new liquidity pools will reward users that offer liquidity to the DEX with fees produced by trades on the platform, as well as LP tokens that can be put into farming pools for extra rewards. Each trade will incur a 0.3 percent charge, with 0.2 percent going to liquidity providers and 0.1 percent to Timechain’s TCS Buyback program.




Users can contribute liquidity to existing pools by exchanging equal amounts of the two tokens in the pair for LP tokens, which represent their share of the liquidity pool. The LP tokens will generate fees equal to each user’s pool share, and they can be redeemed at any moment.

TCS/FTM, TCS/USDC, TCS/DAI, FTM/USDC, and FTM/DAI are among the liquidity pools available at launch.

Liquidity providers will be able to put LP tokens into liquidity farms and earn TCS as a result of yield farming on TimechainSwap. The liquidity farms are intended to encourage users to offer liquidity to TimechainSwap while also reducing the danger of temporary loss.

Users will be able to get their prizes whenever they want.

Liquidity providers will receive a portion of the 20,000 TCS monthly incentive incorporated in the farming smart contract, as well as additional prizes from the TCS Buyback program and APY-boosting promotional events.

TCS/FTM, TCS/USDC, and FTM/USDC are among the liquidity farms available at launch. There will be more to come.

Users will be able to create their own farming pools in the future using the tokens of their choice and can stake their TCS into the TCS single asset staking pool (SSP) and earn TCS rewards over time using TimechainSwap’s staking feature.

Stakers will be given xTCS tokens in exchange for their share of SSP, with the TCS/xTCS rate increasing over time with the number of xTCS remaining constant. TimechainSwap will dynamically alter the rewards to maintain an appealing yield, with additional rewards accessible through the TCS Buyback program and promotions.

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