Affyn, Creators of The Nexus World Metaverse, Successfully Raise a Total of $20 Million

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Affyn seeks to bring the blockchain GameFi arena to mainstream adoption with its unique metaverse arena which rewards creators in a self-sustainable economy. So strong is Affyn’s objective that it has now successfully raised a total of over $20 million to help it reach its lofty goals.

What is Affyn?

Affyn is the team behind the Nexus Metaverse. The team is busily focused on developing a unique metaverse that bridges the virtual world to the real with a crossover of both blockchain technology and augmented reality. The Singaporean-based company has now completed several fundraising rounds including its presale, which brought $10.4 million to the ambitious project.

What is Nexus?

Nexus World is a mobile-first Metaverse with an overlaid digital layer that maps out the real world (think pokemon). It gives users the opportunity to explore, take part in quests, buy land and build on that land, advertise and enhance their NFTs as they go along. The game works on a free entry, play-to-win model, which rewards users for their engagement. The World comprises a variety of Lands, which are NFTs. These Lands will be owned by the holder alone, who can lease the land or build and even conduct events there.

What are Buddies?

Buddies are the characters that roam inside Nexus World. They are effectively NFT tokens representing different characters that can evolve and develop over time. Buddies can take part in quests, raids, go head-to-head with other Buddies and work for their owners. They can only be bought with the platform’s native FYN token.

The Nexus Economy

In contrast to other Metaverse games, Nexus is a closed-loop economy, which works on the theory of sustainable income for its players. It does this through rewarding users for gameplay, but also allowing players to monetize their lands, by offering advertising on them and the structures inside them, and by leasing them out to other players.  This Metaverse will also have a heavy emphasis on B2B collaborations, as well as on its other-worldly gaming action.

According to Affyn’s Founder and CEO, Lucaz Lee,

We would like to thank our partners, advisors, investors and community for the tremendous support and trust in Affyn. Our successful fundraising campaign signals strong confidence in the vision of Affyn’s Play-to-Earn Metaverse. 2022 will be unprecedented as we ignite the tech space by ushering in a new era of Metaverse. We will pioneer the first of its kind Play-to-Earn Metaverse that encapsulates the fabric of reality into a synthetic world where the notion of a real-world is represented by digital avatars, NFTs and assets. We would like to invite you to join us in this Metaverse where we can play, earn and have more fun together at the same time.

The Future of Nexus

There are a variety of Metaverse games out there, but this one takes GameFi to another level, with its bridging of real-world mapping to blockchain gaming and the business-to-business economy within the Nexus World. Watch the Affyn social channels for more news about this exciting venture.