MELD Partners with Decentralized Computing Network Cudos to Build Ecosystem

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MELD in the coming months will seek to integrate Cudos network into the MELDapp and then mutually integrate their functionalities into each other’s protocols and support each other’s ecosystems. 

MELD has joined forces with Cudos, a decentralized blockchain and cloud firm to create an ecosystem to offer support to the financial growth and inclusion in upcoming African countries. According to a statement from Cudos, both the firm and its new partner are “highly aligned” on their respective objectives,  leading to this strategic partnership agreement.

MELD announced that the goal of this strategic alliance is to collaborate with Cudos and support each other’s protocols in order to provide clients with a more comprehensive financial solution. MELD will also integrate a MELDapp wallet into the Cudos crypto mining infrastructure via a simple user experience that will be available on mobile and web wallets.

The latest partnership also aims to make crypto mining fast, simple, and efficient for anyone with budgeting tools to deploy miners in the cloud.  Partner wallets, and users can allocate crypto budgets to pay for cloud-based Cudos mining deployments. MELDapp users can also customize the miners’ parameters, according to choice,  such as the amount of money they want to spend on mining and how fast they want to mine in the cloud.

MELD will also work closely with Cudos and Tingo in order to offer Cudos cloud mining capabilities to Tingo clients through the Tingo mobile device ecosystem, in addition to MELD services.

MELD in the coming months, will seek to Integrate Cudos network into the MELDapp and then mutually integrate their functionalities into each other’s protocols and support each other’s ecosystems.

Cudos will fulfill that task by providing a working API for MELD to connect to, allowing the MELDapp to be integrated. Cudos will also supply technical documentation for the Cudos network and API integration. Cudos will additionally provide web3 access to and from the Cudos network by integrating asset transfers into the Cudos network.

MELD will chip in with their quota by providing an interface into the Cudos network API from MELDapp wallets, giving MELDapp users access to Cudos Cloud mining services. MELD will also make its digital assets and payment functions available to the Cudos network for the acquisition of cloud mining resources.

Cudos is a community-governed layer 1 blockchain and layer 2 compute network that aims to provide decentralized, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale.

According to their website, “they are an interoperable open platform launchpad that will provide the infrastructure required to meet the 1000x higher computing needs for the creation of fully immersive gamified digital realities.”

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