Cereal Club Sells 10K of Its NFT Collection in 24 Hours 

Source : coinquora.com

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    • 10,000 NFTs of Cereal Club have been sold.
    • The company did not disclose how much the 10K NFT collection was sold for.
    • Cereal Club claims its colorful and appealing designs are behind its success.

Cereal Club has marketed over 10,000 NFT collections of its whitelist after it canceled its public auction. Interestingly, the company sold out the NFT collection within 24 hours.

In light of the purchase, Cereal Club did not disclose how much they sold the NFTs for. Also, the Cereal Club failed to mention the trader who bought the NFT collection.

As the NFT community keeps doubting the ways and means how the purchase was initiated, the craze of the Cereal Club NFT seems to be creating a buzz with a huge stride with it. Moreover, the purchase has sparked sentiments and speculations from NFT believers in the diverse areas of the NFT space.

Setting aside all the opinions, as well as the different levels of excitement elevated around Cereal Club, many suggest that Cereal Club has set the stage for its mass adoption and expansion.

In addition, the success of the Cereal Club NFT was attributed to its colorful and flourishing appearance in the market. Regardless of the excitement, a huge part of the praise was given to how the NFT has been developed with the mindset to fund web3.

On the other hand, by using Cereal Club NFT, users have the freedom to vote on charitable initiatives related to campaigns of their liking. It gives power to its owners to view and smoothly interact with a “one-of-a-kind avatar” on the phase of its physical real box.

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