Opera to Bring Blockchain to the Masses Directly From the Browser

The 380 million users of Opera will soon be able to access eight blockchains directly from the browser.

Opera has announced support for major blockchains in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The selected blockchains include Bitcoin, Nervos, Celo, IXO, Polygon, StarkEx, Ronin, and Solana.

And Opera says its users can also access Polygon and Solana dApp ecosystems, as well as “the benefits of Layer 2 DeFi via StarkWare-powered DiversiFi.” 

The reasoning is that it allows Opera users to have unrestricted access to the security and decentralization features of layer 1 protocols like Ethereum.

Opera’s integration of Layer 2 is a key strategy

“The integration of multiple blockchains and notably Layer 2s is a key strategy in Opera’s mission to remain chain agnostic and seamlessly onboard millions of users to Web3, and to do so in an environmentally conscious way,” read the company’s blog post.

“The average web user may still be hesitant to dabble with Web3, but [with] the integration of Solana, Polygon, and others in our mobile browser, they can now access these technologies from the safety and familiarity of the browser that provides them with a dedicated Web3 experience,” said Jorgen Arnesen, EVP of mobile at the company.

DApps from Polygon can be accessed from the Crypto Browser Project on Android and PC while those for other blockchains will go live in the coming months. 

Opera first announced its entry into cryptocurrencies in 2018 and began sealing partnerships with leading blockchains in the space. The browser became the first to be integrated with a crypto wallet and offer Web3 support in 2018.

In Jan, Opera launched a test version of the Crypto Browser Project for mobile and computers. The new offering was designed to be an intuitive and seamless cryptocurrency experience with DApp support and a non-custodial Crypto Corner.

“Ultimately Web3 is on its way to becoming a mainstream web technology and users won’t need to know they’re interacting with it,” said Arnesen. “They need to get a superior user experience and a true benefit.”


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