Elon Musk Shares Investment Tips with his Followers on Twitter

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, shared investment tips on Twitter recently. The businessman published his thoughts on the microblogging site, which he now is the overlord of.

Below is the Tweet in question.

According to Musk, he often receives questions related to the choice of investment strategies. Therefore, the businessman decided to share tips with the readers of his Tweets.

“Buy shares of several companies that offer service and products that you believe in. Sell them only if you see that the company’s products or services are losing popularity. Do not panic during periods when the market is sinking into panic.”

Musk added that such advice, in his opinion, will serve market participants well in the long term.

Elon and Musk and cryptocurrencies

Elon Musk has made no secret that he has invested part of his total fortune in cryptocurrency. According to the businessman, digital assets help him fight inflation. It is known that the crypto portfolio of the head of Tesla includes Bitcoin, Ethereum and the businessman’s favorite coin – Dogecoin.

According to researchers, 37% of American investors at least once made investment decisions based on the tweets of Musk.

Under Musk’s investment tweet, network users began to discuss the effectiveness of the businessman’s investment advice.

Subscribers noted that the scheme proposed by him is difficult to implement in practice.

Many companies that produce quality goods or offer popular services are private. Ordinary people can’t invest in them.

Also, network users drew attention to the fact that the sale of Tesla shares the end of April 2022, in light of his advice, looks extremely suspicious.

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