TC Mediacoin Announces Metaverse Plans Set for June 2022

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  • TC Mediacoin will launch its own metaverse by June 2022.
  • The metaverse will be in 2D, but future plans include VR.
  • Additionally, TC Mediacoin has announced an ambassador program.

TC Mediacoin, a blockchain-based platform for content creation, plans to launch its own metaverse by June 2022. The metaverse aims to allow influencers and followers to interact, relax, and earn money together. The June metaverse will be in 2D, however, future plans include a virtual reality version that won’t require VR headsets.

Additionally, TC Mediacoin has introduced an ambassador program to promote the platform’s activities. Influencers can apply to receive a budget for promotional activities. Through this ambassador program, TC Mediacoin aims to work with celebrity and influencer investors to grow its community significantly.

To highlight, TC Mediacoin is a content creation platform that utilizes the power of blockchain technology. The platform allows users to create income through a wide variety of means. These include methods such as selling files and videos, creating and selling NFTS, coin farming, and cryptocurrency.

TC Mediacoin’s CEO Sergey Sevantsyan aims to create “the perfect platform where creators and influencers are truly free”, and to this end, he believes he’s achieved it. Additionally, Sevantsyan takes pride in leading a platform that combines traditional ways of publishing and income generation with NFTs and crypto investments.

The company’s goal is to “unite the real world with the crypto world and take the fear out of investing in cryptocurrency”. To achieve this, it has created a mini crypto economy based on an already established MC coin. The company has developed products and tools including a debit card program, a marketplace for products and services, an NFT marketplace, and a soon-to-launch crypto exchange to power this economy.

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