gDEX Metaverse’s Discovery Zone Is Space to Explore for Gamers and Guilds

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The gDEX metaverse platform has more ambitious plans than just the building of a gaming interface to synthesize all protocols in the metaverse.

Play-to-Earn project gDEX Metaverse is making a pioneering effort to establish what is called the Discovery Zone where different stakeholders in the gaming metaverse can explore more use cases in a user-friendly manner.

While the mainstream gaming industry is fully developed with decades of evolution to back its growth, the current emergence of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) backed Play-2-Earn (P2E) games share a unique similarity with its traditional counterpart. This similarity is best expressed in the form of independence that each gaming protocol is charting. This largely implies that gaming platforms are highly fragmented, and with fractured interconnectivity, gamers will not be able to get the best out of these protocols.

gDEX, through the Discovery Zone, seeks to change the paradigm in this regard, and it seeks to be the administrator of the unique space that will host the broad collection of all guilds, players, and games across multiple chains, all hosted within the gDEX platform.

The Discovery Zone will form the central social element of the gDEX platform and it can be imagined as a Web3 Steam-alike web/desktop application offering users a single destination to discover and play a variety of exciting integrated games. The Discovery Zone will also serve as an integrated tool that will enable users to track their performance within a single dashboard.

gDEX is notably pushing forth increased milestones for its gaming ecosystem and infrastructure and earlier announced its Metaverse Passport, an integrated ID that will help a user to track their performance across all gaming protocols that is hosted on the gDEX platform.

gDEX Metaverse Building More Than a Gaming Solution

The gDEX metaverse platform has more ambitious plans than just the building of a gaming interface to synthesize all protocols in the metaverse.

The platform also seeks to develop as a social network where gamers can connect with one another. The design of the platform will afford anyone to follow other projects, like a published feed, and enjoy other features that can foster unique connectivity.

Additionally, the gDEX platform will help to serve as an educational hub to bring relevant blockchain content to everyone. The platform will also be developed to share in-game media and has provisions for Discord live community chat integration, the creation of social guilds, and the hosting of news and feed boards about events in the space amongst others.

While the Metaverse Passport and the Discovery Zone come off as one of the innovative products being brandished by gDEX, there are adequate plans for more growth and feature addition as the ecosystem evolves. Notably, the adaptability of the protocol is one of the features that makes it very fitting for gamers as a hub that caters to the majority of their social, accessibility, and communication needs across the board.

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