Rarible, Immutable X Cooperate To Create Eco-friendly Gaming NFTs

Source : coinquora.com

  • Rarible integrates Immutable X to create eco-friendly NFTs.
  • Rarible Protocol and marketplace users can access existing and future content powered by Immutable X.
  • This partnership enables trading gaming assets and more on L2 Ethereum.

Rarible Protocol is integrating with Immutable X, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution, to launch gaming NFTs.

As announced on May 26, the leading multichain NFT protocol will enable trading, gaming, and Ethereum NFTs with Immutable X without any gas fees or negative environmental impacts.

In a press release, Rarible has chosen to collaborate with Immutable X’s L2 scaling solution, as the multichain protocol’s mission is to stay ahead of the evolving industry and ensure the growth of the community by giving the best BFT experiences.

Rarible’s integration with Immutable X will provide new gaming projects and collectibles, a seamless launch platform within Rarible’s ecosystem by leveraging Immutable X’s low-cost and carbon-neutral economy.

Additionally, users will be able to enjoy high transaction speeds and access to Ethereum’s battle-tested security. Robbie Ferguson, the co-founder of Immutable X, had this to say:

We are beyond excited to announce one of our largest marketplace integrations to date with Rarible. Every game and trade on Immutable will now be accessible to Rarible’s million monthly users.

He also added that this is a landmark step for the company’s open orderbook and expressed excitement in working with the Rarible team in enabling the world to trade gaming assets and more on L2 Ethereum.

Among the benefits of this partnership, Rarible can access Immutable X’s open orderbook, which will allow the Rarible Protocol and Rarible NFT marketplace users to access existing and future content powered by Immutable X.