Hackers’ Phishing Attack Cuts Off Moonbirds NFTs Worth $1.5 Million

Despite the place of security in the crypto space, there have been some hacking events once in a while. One of the newly victimized assets is the Moonbirds NFTs.

Cybercriminals recently use phishing attacks as their portable weapon to reap off their victims. They always mask the links and messages they send to their innocent targets through emails or other means. As a result, the hacker may appear as one of the trusted entities that demand certain information from the target. Also, they look like genuine sites or highly reputable financial firms.

Opening the masked email, text message, or instant message exposes the target. Some targets may be lured to give out personal data through links or messages. Hence, the hacker would gain access to some confidential information like credit card numbers, login details, etc.

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A victim recently lost about $1.5 million worth of NFTs in a phishing attack from hackers. The attack resulted in DigitalOrnithologist, the owner of the NFTs, losing 29 Moonbirds NFTs. This loss is equivalent to 750 Ethereum (ETH).

According to the reporting tweet from @CirrusNFT on Wednesday, the attack occurred on Tuesday. Earlier, the fraudster had sent a phishing link to the NFT owner, which he later accessed.

Also, the reporter remarked that it’s perilous to access links that you have never used or saved. He advised that traders and investors could play safe by bookmarking all the trading sites and marketplaces they engage. Moonbirds are Ethereum-based NFTs comprising up to 10 thousand owls PFP (pictures of proof) cartoon-styled.

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Every holder becomes a member of the PROOF community with access to NEST their NFTs. This process allows them to earn rewards for their holding and partake of upcoming benefits in the community.

Possible Explanation For Moonbirds NFTs Phishing Attack

In further development, another Twitter user, @0xLosingMoney, declares knowing the hacker that stole the NFTs. This user produced a screen displaying the attacker’s account and the site he used for the fraud. The attacker is linked to @DVincent and has deleted the account.

It’s still unclear how the phishing attack had happened. However, the possible connection is pointing toward using a malicious request. Some attacks would demand that a target make connections with their wallets for approving some transactions. However, the attacker would instantly gain access to all personal details of the target wallet and steal his assets.

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The analogy follows that another user who goes by @DVincent had come to the NFTs owner pretending to be interested in trading. He suggested the use of the P2P site, which had gone down. The NFT owner had authorized the fraudster’s wallet through the sites leading to the loss of the NFTs.

Another Twitter user is deducing that the attacker had lured his target to an unreal trading site. Then, he approved the fake information from the phishing links to lose his assets.

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