ULYSSES XYZ’s NFT for the BSV Global Bockchain Convention & DSRPTD Gets the Signed First Artwork

It’s day one. Tuesday the 24th of May, 2022 the BSV Global Blockchain Convention where DSRPTD BSV coffee corner at the exhibition area. Elle Liberte’ a DAOs, DeFi and NFTs advocate and enthusiast was there looking for a place to put her bag when she decided to step into the DSRPTD BSV corner. Stumbled onto our very own DSRPTD builder who later joins her for coffee and refreshments at the networking area.

Later on, picking her stuff with her partner Ulysses XYZ when our DSRPTD builder picks up the conversation with him offering him to display and distribute his marketing collateral.

And here the excitement begins!

Ulysses grabs the opportunity to offer DSRPTD builder the first copy of the artwork he made for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention and signed it for him on spot.

Upon discussion. Ulysses will be issuing the artworks’ NFT on the BSV Blockchain and announcement will be made soon.

DSRPTD builder later pulling the strings of the conversation with the BSV team at the drinks reception and surprising BSV Blockchain Foundation’s president Jimmy Nguyen by showing him the artwork where Jimmy got so excited and even more happy to know the artwork will be NFTed using the BSV Blockchain

Cameras were grabbed out to take happy and smiling photos of both Jimmy Nguyen the founding president of the BSV Blockchain Foundation and Ahmed Refaie the CEO of G.P.I./Global Partners Investments Limited and DSRPTD host who was speaking earlier on stage at the convention.

Pictures and news will be soon published on the DSRPTD BSV website and DSRPTD Gallery.

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