Solana Co-Founders Criticize Cardano, Hoskinson Fires Back

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  • Charles Hoskinson ridicules the criticisms made to Cardano.
  • Specifically, a podcast clip showing Solana’s Co-founders criticizing Cardano resurfaced on Twitter.
  • Criticized for being too careful, Hoskinson responds that he would “love to see these guys build a hospital.”

Charles Hoskinson fires back at Cardano criticism from Solana’s Co-founders.  On June 2, Twitter user @spudiot1 tagged Charles Hoskinson on a tweet with a podcast clip featuring Solana’s Co-founders – Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal. The podcast episode was uploaded 10 months ago and showed Yakovenko criticizing Cardano for being too careful.

In response, Charles Hoskinson ridiculed the criticism and said he would “love to see these guys build a hospital.”

The clip was from an August 2021 episode of the Superteam Podcast by Tanmay and Akshay. In context, the clip was from a segment of the Podcast where the hosts asked the Solana Co-founders to rank different chains. Yakovenko placed Cardano second to last, and prefaced his opinions by jokingly saying that it’s popular to “shit on Cardano”. 

Ironically, ten months later this clip resurfaced as Solana went offline for the eighth time in 2022. Yesterday, Solana’s mainnet caused a commotion on social media before going down for the second time in such a short period of time.

Approximately four and a half hours were lost due to the Solana Mainnet Beta delay. After this period of time, validators were finally able to restore service to the main network.

After Solana’s stoppage, Hoskinson tweeted a link to a video that teaches how to fix old video game consoles, saying that “this might help.”

When a user questioned the creator of Cardano whether he believes excessive arrogance may play a cruel joke on him as it did on Do Kwon and Luna, Hoskinson replied that nothing is absolutely safe.

My problem and why I tweet is that we were mocked relentlessly by the Solana and Luna backers and community for trying to do things the right way with peer review and formal methods in order to avoid these issues.

In May, Cardano thrived in the bear market as it had funded almost 950 proposals. Cardano’s on-chain wallets also increased from the previous month by 1.84%.

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